Proud Parent

Posted: October 1, 2007 in Daily Blog

boxesToday, I am a proud parent. Over the weekend we began moving into our house. We moved a bunch of boxes, and were able to get some of the little stuff too like beds, chairs, bikes. The movers come today for the big stuff, and by the end of the day we should be all in! That is not why I am proud, although I cant wait to be in that house. I am proud because all of my kids worked so hard this weekend! We have four kids and they are good kids, but they are kids. I think it is so funny that under normal circumstances, when I ask them to pick up their shoes, or their backpack, it is like I asked them to move a refrigerator or something equally as heavy! They leave dishes out all the time, and when I suggest that they rinse out the dishes and put them in the dishwasher, it is like pulling teeth with no Novocain! Usually an argument, or at least accusations of whose the dishes are ensues, and until a case is proven, there the objects sit. These things I am not proud of, these things drive me crazy! If I have to ask and ask, and fight with them to get them to keep the floor clear and the dishes done, I eventually will lose my mind!

So imagine my surprise when we pull up to our storage unit in a borrowed moving truck and in they go like a bunch of seasoned movers! They were grabbing boxes that easily weighed more than half their body weight and hefting them up on the back of the truck. Two were in the truck stacking the boxes and the other two were in the storage unit like little ants, carrying boxes out! It was quite a sight. We had the moving truck loaded in no time and off we went to the house! Then it was the same exact thing there, a couple kids in the truck and a couple kids on the floor, and they were feeding out the boxes and stacking them in the garage. I couldn’t believe it! There wasn’t even any fighting! It was so impressive for me to watch. (I helped too, it isn’t like child labor needs to be called or anything!) They haven’t fought all weekend! Their rooms are all set up, their boxes unpacked and all the trash is out of the house! It was great and I am proud of my kids!

So what is the difference between a box that weights 30 pounds being so easily moved, and a 10 pound backpack in the middle of the room causing so much difficulty? Attitude. That old slogan is right, “Attitude is everything.” I am always amazed that when someone wants something badly enough nothing can stand in the way! But if that same thing is not valued, or if we are tired, worn down, or frustrated, there is no way we are going after it. It becomes a battle to move even the smallest thing, a piece of paper, when our attitude is bad. “I was in the middle of something,” or, “that’s not mine!” become the phrase of the day when we have poor attitudes. Yet when we find it in ourselves to be positive about the stuff, it is a whole lot easier to do, and we can do a lot more!
How many times during the day do I need to remember this concept? How many tasks do I do halfheartedly, or put off until the very last minute because my attitude towards doing it is off? How many times has my wife asked me to do something and I had a bad attitude about it because I viewed it as an interruption to the “really important” thing I was doing at the time? How many tasks have I made extra hard because my attitude is lousy, how many tasks have I enjoyed because I had a good attitude towards it? If we spent as much time working on our attitude as making excuses or procrastinating on the things we don’t want to do, maybe everything we did would be a little easier, and done a little better!

  1. hey, while you’re sitting there on that couch would you mind leaning over and getting me a coke from the fridge that’s right next to the coffee table?
    you know – it’s funny – i wrote a post about being tired of feeling like i have to have a good attitude and how exhausting it is. but i trashed it because when i reread it all that was really in the post was “whine, whine, whine, poor me, whine, whine, whine.” but sometimes i just want to have a bad attitude and groan and moan and i feel like everyone would have to excuse it because of all that’s going on.

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