Here and There

Posted: October 4, 2007 in Daily Blog

I have a Mac. I love Mac products. One of the reasons I love my Mac is because it allows me to organize my information really easily. I have a bunch of informative mini-programs called “Widgets” on my Mac that I can look at with the touch of a button. I have weather, radar, clocks, movie listings for the local theater, football scores and standings, a calendar, a population clock that keeps track of how many people are on the planet, (6,651,228,700 as of this second), and even a Lava Lamp! (that replaced the hula girl) You have to have something fun on it…

I have one particular “widget” that helps keep me in touch with the world and the need that people outside the United States are facing. It is a Unicef widget. It has all the Unicef headlines in sentence form that you can link off of for the whole article. Today as I scanned through the headlines things like, Malaria, Cholera, HIV/Aids, educating shepherds, and female genital mutilation were some of the main topics. These are things other parts of the world struggle with daily…
Here in the States, the main headline this morning is the sinkhole and landslides in La Jolla California. I have been to La Jolla; it is one of the most beautiful places in the country. It is also one of the most expensive. Not that I don’t feel badly for the people that had their homes red tagged, because after what we just went through moving all of our stuff, I cant imagine what it would be like to have all your things in your home, but not be allowed to go back in to get any of it. But it does seem like such a dichotomy. Most of the world is worried about clean drinking water, living another day with the scrutiny that comes with HIV, trying to get out of the cycle of un-educated poverty, and discrimination of the worst kind – female circumcision, and we watch million dollar houses, and all the stuff inside, slide down a mountain into the ocean that connects us to the other side of the world, thinking nothing about what they are going through.

We have so much, and the rest of the world so little. We have overcome so many of the things that the rest of the world still struggles with, illness, clean water, and sanitation… At some point when should we start helping? Not our government, that takes too long and costs too much, but us. Each one of us can make a difference when we choose to. Just learning more about conditions outside the U.S. is a start. Choose to know, and then let your heart and mind guide you as to what to do next. Enjoy what you have; we have all been so blessed compared to others, but use a little of it to help someone.


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