Posted: October 22, 2007 in Daily Blog

I hate moving… everything in your life winds up someplace different. You get so used to everything having its place, when you move it has to start all over again. Nine times out of ten you cant find the little things, so when I come across something that I know I will need later I put it someplace I will “remember” when I need it. The problem is I don’t always remember where I put it when I need it, so it doesn’t do me any good. I spent two hours this weekend looking for a wire I needed for my audio equipment. I remember seeing it in the garage when I was unloading boxes. I remember it was all wrapped up in the bag it came in, because I hadn’t used this particular wire yet. (It is a specialty wire, not one you find everywhere, and so I couldn’t use anything but this one) I remember thinking, “put this someplace special, you might need it soon.” And sure enough I was right – I did need it. But as is life I couldn’t find it anywhere. I looked and looked, and at one point even stopped looking, laid down on the floor and thought long and hard about where I had put it. “Remember that special place you put it so you wouldn’t forget where it is?!!” I kept saying to myself… to know avail. I couldn’t find the stupid wire to save my life. I would have given up on it all together, but once I get something in my head like that, it doesn’t stop. I couldn’t stop looking for it if I tried.
So I spent at least two hours looking, probably more, and couldn’t rest until I found it.

I read a parable about lost stuff a little while ago. It was a story about a kid that left home with his inheritance and went off to “discover” himself. He must have been gone for quite a while, because he came from a wealthy family. The story goes on to say that he spent every last cent he had, squandering it on partying and women. He eventually went to work for someone feeding their livestock, a big stretch for a rich kid! Eventually he decided that he could go back home and ask his dad for a job. He knew his dad treated his employees better than he was being treated. So he headed home working up the courage to apologize to his dad for being so selfish and irresponsible. He didn’t call ahead, or send any word that he was returning, and yet when he came to the street his dad’s house was on, his dad was waiting for him at the gate!

I love this story, because I imagine that every day this guys dad heads out to the gate to look for his son. He keeps at it day after day, looking, watching, and waiting. Not just a couple hours on a weekend, but day after day, weeks turn to months, months maybe to years… again we don’t know how long the son was gone… yet here is this dad looking for his son for a long time, that is love! And when the son arrives home, instead of getting a job from his dad, his dad brings him right back into the family like he was never gone… he even throws a huge banquet for his son’s return! What a cool dad!

I think we have all been there at some point, who am I kidding, we can get there daily – out chasing our own desires, dreams, or ideas, and someone, somewhere, every day is going out to the gate looking for us to return, hoping and waiting, wishing that at any moment He would see us turn the corner to the drive… Just waiting, looking, watching… maybe today is the day He can through the banquet, have the party, celebrate our return. I hope so.

I eventually found the wire I was looking for. It was on the downstairs stereo – plugged in and working, I had forgotten that I had already used it! I need to write this stuff down.


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