Posted: October 26, 2007 in Daily Blog

What a week! When I look back and review it, it seems so random!

The car repair place has resurrected our car, so it is driving again, but this time with no guarantees of how much longer it will last. My son’s first Lacrosse game is tonight, that will be fun. (did I mention he has three games at 7 am on Saturdays?) And the blog had some very interesting comments this week. I found that if you talk about cream filled donuts and sappy songs about raising up kids you get all kinds of comments! I am not sure what that says about you readers, but it was fun anyway.

It is funny to see all the stuff that happens in a week. I don’t often get all-introspective about this kind of stuff, but it is cool to look back on. Donuts, cars, music, lost stuff… all of it would mean nothing if I couldn’t share it with friends and family. Dealing with the stuff life throws at you can be fun, and painful, and sometimes both at the same time! It is so good to have people around you to share these ups and downs with.

Go spend some time with the people you love and have a great weekend, see ya Monday!

  1. k, so i have the perfect haiku challenge this week, i think you would be good at it. oh and 7 am games… wow, that will be fun. it is indoors, right?

  2. grahamprouty says:

    yes I did your Haiku challenge, it went like this…

    My car blew a gasket
    and was headed towards a casket
    but for now it is running fine

    or something like that – its on your blog

    the games are indoors, but they are in monument! So he has to be there at about 6-615 am for pregame warm up and it will take us about 30 min to get there!!! so long sleep in saturdays!

  3. i don’t want to discourage you from participating, but it’s




    more like

    car blew a gasket
    was headed towards a casket
    running fine for now

    haiku rules are not stupid, so it’s okay to follow them 🙂

  4. grahamprouty says:

    apparently I dont know the rules to Haiku well, so based on a suggestion from the judges I need to resubmit…

    here it is…

    car blew a gasket
    was headed towards a casket
    running fine for now

    something about the number of words… I dont follow instructions well.

  5. it’s no fun being at work when all my friends and kids are at home playing.

  6. Michael says:

    I had some car trouble this week, too. Judging by the fact that ours doesn’t have automatic seat belts, I’d say that it’s a bit younger and probaby has higher odds of making it through next week, though.

  7. Michael says:

    Oh, and it’s not 5/7/5 words, grahamcracker. It’s 5/7/5 syllables.

  8. wineymomma says:


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