First Friends

Posted: November 2, 2007 in Daily Blog

How did you meet your friends? I was thinking about that last night because I am reading an interesting book that talks a lot about this idea. Where did you meet them? How did dialogue start with your friends? Did they approach you, or did you approach them? At some point an encounter had to have taken place. Some one, either you or them, had to walk across a room, or pick up a phone, or fire off an email, to begin the relationship. Think about it a little bit; how did your friendships develop?

What if we all pledged to take an extra step to develop relationships? What if, even though it can be really scary, we decide to reach out to someone this weekend? Try it, try to make an extra effort the next few days to begin a conversation with someone you don’t know. “I don’t need another friend,” you may be thinking, but what if the person you are reaching out to does? Think about all the friends you have right now, if you (or they) didn’t reach out at some point you wouldn’t have them either! Some people do this naturally, some don’t. I don’t, so knowing that we are all doing this together will help me a lot!

I will report back Monday about how it went for me!

Have a great weekend, see ya Monday!

  1. Emily Crouse says:

    Hey Graham, I enjoyed your first friends blog. I feel your blog is going really well. Blogging takes discipline which I myself have reserved for self journaling. The fact that you share your discipline for journaling with others is amazing to me! Anyhow I also want to wish you and yours a happy anniversary! 12 years??? Happy Anniversary.

    Hope, Love and Faith,
    Your cousin emily

  2. grahamprouty says:

    Thanks Emily, It has been alot of fun to blog. It is 14 yrs!!!

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