Families Benifit from Technology

Posted: November 16, 2007 in Daily Blog
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Have you ever looked around at kids today? Some of them are so disrespectful and difficult. Much more than I remember being as a kid… I worked with kids for about 6 years and can tell you there is a big difference in today’s kids. They have a lot more to entertain them, and they have a lot more opportunities to get into trouble too. Kids are finding drugs, sex, porn, alcohol and all that stuff at much younger ages than ever before.

I think the thing that makes the biggest difference in good kids and bad is the time they get with their parents. I have noticed that families that eat dinner together at least one time a week are stronger than those that don’t. I have seen families that are involved in each other’s lives – sporting events, music recitals, or hobbies, are the one that have the deepest connections. It all comes down to spending time and showing interest. When we are involved in life with our kids, they benefit from it and a mutual respect ensues that is healthy and good for everyone.

This is where the technology advances kick in. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy escaping in a good story. I like coming home and after helping with homework and eating dinner I look forward to plopping down in front of the TV and watching a great drama unfold. I like Grey’s Anatomy, Big Shots, and Brothers and Sisters. What is cracking me up lately is that my older two girls, who are early teenagers, seem to be requiring much more conversation time at the end of the evening. I had heard that teen’s circadian rhythms cause them to become night owls, and I am seeing the evidence right in front of me. This means I am faced with a dilemma of shushing my kids to watch the “must see TV” or figuring out something else…

This used to be much more difficult… who of you parents out there don’t remember hurrying off the kids to bed to catch your favorite show? Now, thanks to technology, the family is safe once again! I can fire up my laptop and watch any show I want on line! I can go to ABC, NBC, or CBS and pick up anything they broadcast for FREE! What a luxury! And I can stay up as late as I want trudging through the Middle School Drama with my twin teens and not worry a thing about talking as long as they need it to…

Priorities can be straightened again! We can put our kids first again! No longer are the American people required by their need to see what happens to their favorite character, or who said what to whom, to hurry back home after Lacrosse practice at a break neck pace! We no longer need to sit in the stands thinking, “if this doesn’t end soon I will have to hear about what happened from Suzy at work tomorrow, and I hate to miss seeing what happens!” No – you can take your time, invest in relationships again, you need not be in a hurry!

Take back your family – turn off your TV! Watch you show later – your kids need you now! They, and you, will be better because of it!

  1. Michael says:

    I love watching my TV online.

  2. grahamprouty says:

    Me too! I am almost prefering it to the real thing! You can watch the show a lot quicker too, so if nothing else it is more efficient!

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