Vince Young Is In Fact Human

Posted: November 20, 2007 in Daily Blog

I actually got to watch a Monday Night Football game last night. The Broncos played the Titans, and luckily I didn’t have to battle for the remote. Dancing with the Stars is a big hit in my house with the three girls, but since the Broncos were on, I actually talked them into letting me watch the game on the upstairs T.V.! So I am watching and listening, and the most interesting conversation started among the announcers. It surprised me not because of the subject matter so much as the genuine shock it seemed to produce in the announcers.

Apparently Vince Young (the quarterback for the Titans) was being interviewed before the game and started talking about his relationship with his dad. His dad is getting out of prison, and he is dealing with how that will change his life. It apparently was pretty emotional, I haven’t seen it yet and cannot find a posting on it. The thing that struck me was some of the commentary about it… These start athletes have personal problems that actually make them human! The assumption is that if you are a super star athlete, you have riches, talent and status that keeps you about the fray of people that actually have dead beat dads, drug abusing spouses, and kids that go off the deep end. Now I know I am judging them a little harshly, but here is what I loved about what Vince did… He spoke out of genuineness in his life; on the spur of the moment he was real with the reporter. How refreshing is that. If this guy who is a super star athlete is willing to say that he struggles with something big, like an estranged dad, it makes him human again. It brings humanity back to the place it needs to be, all of us working hard to get through this life with some dignity.

We all struggle, even the super star athletes. We know that in our heads, but forget it in our hearts. We believe the lie that if we have enough money, fame or talent nothing else matters, but I bet Vince would be happy to give away some of his money to have a better relationship with his dad. It is time to join with Vince in the authentic and genuine approach to life. Lets all be real with each other and let down the pretenses we put up to try to convince people that we are doing better than we are. Let’s agree that this is an okay place to admit weakness, pain, and struggle. That stuff does not define us, it is part of life that we all have to deal with. Lets share it and accept that our lives are messy, and since we are all in this mess together, lets help each other clean it up.

This instance with a Monday Night Football game was a great reminder that we are human, no matter our tax bracket or talent.


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