No One Abnormal Here?

Posted: November 23, 2007 in Daily Blog

I can tell from the posts that either everyone stopped reading my blog, or none of you have anything to share… of corse there is the possibility that most of you are out shopping today, with it being Black Monday and all…  Since I know a lot of you that read this blog, I also know you are not completely normal!  Don’t be shy, let me know what you do that we might think is “endearing” of you! I will give you another example.  I have a friend that is a germaphobe.   Every time he visits a public restroom he has a hand washing routine that he goes through…  First he dispenses the paper towels from the machine, yes he does that first, then he washes his hands with the soap, grabs the paper towels, dries his hands, uses the paper towel to shut off the water, and then uses the paper towel to open the door on his way out… If the trash can is close enough to the door to put the triple used towel in by this point, he tosses it, however if the trash can is way back by the sink instead of the door, the used towel lands on the floor behind the door!  all this to keep other people’s germs off his hands…  (i understand completely when you figure 70% of men don’t wash their hands after using the restroom!) okay, so you get the idea!!! We could learn a lot from your quirkiness! 

  1. it’s black monday? really?

  2. grahamprouty says:

    Yes, black monday… did I mention one of the quirky things I do is mess up details?

    Correction… Black Friday… most mondays are black for me, but I did hear that this monday is the busiest day for on line shopping! I can see the productivity and business across the nation drop as people fire up their computers and surf the web for discounted Christmas Gifts!

  3. the bathroom thing is just smart. they -i’m not sure who they are, but the people who do this- have done testing on all the surfaces in bathrooms and the dirtiest is the door handle. yuck. so, i guess if you’re gonna touch the nasty door handle with your bare hands you may as not wash them at all. but you should really through your paper towel in the trash. even if you have to find one outside of the bathroom.

  4. wineymomma says:

    Quirky or pathetic?

    Is it quirky that I have a particular order that I read my favorite blogs?

    How about the strange habit I have of pouring drinks in glasses and then going back and topping mine off?


  5. grahamprouty says:

    Those are not pathetic at all… You sound perfectly Quirky to me!

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