I Have To Pee!

Posted: November 27, 2007 in Daily Blog

images.jpegHave you ever had to pee so badly that it hurt?

Can you do bladder damage by waiting too long? 

Do you ever feel like a little kid bouncing your leg or doing a little dance because you have to go so bad? 

Me too…  And it drives me crazy.  I drink a lot of coffee and Diet Coke, and I am in a lot of meetings during the day, so between the two things there are times when I wind up in a bad predicament!  I took my son to Lacrosse practice a few weeks ago, outside at a field, after a bottle of Diet Coke and guess what… No bathrooms in sight!  I hurried home right after.

Yesterday I didn’t post anything because I was in a meeting all day long in Denver… what happens there?  I drink two big cups of coffee, one at the house getting ready and one on the road, stuck in traffic and guess what…  

Then in the meetings yesterday… you guessed it, more Coffee and Coke, and the next thing I know I am excusing myself in the middle of a meeting because – I feel about five years old doing the potty dance! 

Even this morning, after meeting with friends and drinking tons of coffee, I found myself speeding home…  Why didn’t I just go at the restaurant? How about you?  

What is your worst “I gotta go” experience? 

  1. really? my worst i gotta pee moment? well, i did have to get stitches because i had to go so bad. true story – i have the scar to show for it.

  2. grahamprouty says:

    WHAT???? STITCHES? How in the..??

  3. what can i say? i’m talented.

  4. wineymomma says:

    When we arrived at our honeymoon cabin in the Great Smokey Mountain town of Gatlinburg, TN (oh yeah big honeymoon plans!) I had to pee so bad that I felt like my eyes were turning yellow!

    So anyway, we had to stop and get the key to the cabin and then drive up this long, windy, bouncy driveway. When we got up to the top I jumped out of the car with keys in hand and ran to the door. I don’t think Charlie was thinking I was in a hurry to get the honemoon started at this point since I left him alone in the truck.

    IT WAS THE WRONG KEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He went back down the side of the mountian giggling quite loudly while I sat on the porch with tears in my eyes and my legs crossed.

    Then I realized that I was alone in the woods and I am a country girl after all. Well hullo. When Charlie came back from the office I was sitting on the porch rocking in the rocking chair with a smile on my face!


  5. Michael says:

    I don’t have any personal pee moments, but the story goes that Tycho Brahe (a 16th century astronomer) died from an infection that resulted from his waiting too long to pee. The story goes that he was at a banquet and it was considered extremely rude to leave the table until the banquet ended, so he held it too long, got an infection and died.

  6. grahamprouty says:

    Man! I am going to have to start carrying around a jug!

  7. coolchurchmom says:

    You only wrote on peeing today because you found that really cool picture of the urinal…fess up!

  8. twinklestar says:

    I just peed.

  9. coolchickk says:

    actually this happened today. i have never ever had to go this badd. we went to the apple festival and its about 40 minutes away from our house. well, there is only porta potties there. i hate them. i didn’t really have to go that badd at all the whole day. so i just decided and told mysel fi could wait till we got home. well i went 1 time at home at about 10 and we left at 11. we were there and didn’t leave until 4. well i knew i had to go. but it wasn’t bad at all. maybe a 3 out of 10. now we got like 15 minutes down the road and it was starting to get very very very urgent that i had to go then. well, then i didnt say anything. i started to feel painn and my eyes starting wateringg soo badd cuz i had to pee soo bad. now i had to go at about a 9 out of 10. i knew it was VERY VERY URGENT and needed to go noww. (by the way this was like 3 hours ago). and we stopped at the grocery store. i ran to the bathrooms and i could feel it coming out and slipping. im running with my legs going 1 in front of the other back and forth with my hands between my legs. i HAD TO GO!!!! well the line was sooo long. i swear. at least 8 people. i was like oh great!! so there was about 5 people in line still when my parents got to the pay counter. and then they were done and they said we had to go home. i was like mom i have to gooo!!! shes like the line isn’t gonna go any faster than it will to get home. it will only take 4 more minutes to get home. in my head i thought. i can’t wait that longg at all. (this is how bad i had to go) well. i could feel it coming and coming. my pants starting to get wet. it was horrible. we were about 2 minutes from home. and im about screaming and i was crying and my arms were tired from holding between my legs sooo hard. my legs we crossed sooo hard it wasss hard to hold. my pants are half way wet and the seat is turning wet. well the seatbelt was pushing my bladder i had to take my seatbelt off. then we got pulled over by the cops. i was ballin and they said we had to get a ticket. well they didn’t give us one cuz he could tell i had to go. and he let us go. i was in soo much pain. we finally got homee. i sprinted out of the door didn’t take anything didn’t close the door. my legs hurting. my arms hurting from holding so hard and my hands between my legs. the door was locked and i couldnt wait any longer. my parents were still in the car. i couldnt wait any longerrr. i ran behind the bush and i had tight shorts on. they had 4 buttons on them and i couldnt get them undone. well i couldn’t hold it and it kept coming out and coming out lil by little and eventually i had to let go and i peed my pants.

  10. Amy says:

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one who waits too long… 😛

    Last week i was out on a date with my boyfriend, dinner and a movie. Dinner was good, and before we left my boyfriend went to use the bathroom, and i thought about it but i didn’t have to go that bad so i just decided to wait. of course, as soon as we get across town to the movies, i’m about to die. to make things worse, this is a small art film house, and were considerably early, and its cold. So this small theater hasn’t even opened the doors yet and everyone is stuck outside in the cold. We had to wait nearly half an hour to get to the front of the line for tickets, then we had to go in and find seats. the entire time i felt like i was about to burst! you know when you have to go so bad you cant even take a deep breath without it hurting? and we had just eaten so my tummy was hurting from needed to pee so bad. somehow i hold on though, without leaking, until we get in and find our seats, and i spotted the one toilet bathroom on the corner, and rushed in that direction, praying that no one would run in and take it before i got there. and oh my god by this time i needed the bathroom so badly i couldn’t believe it! i went in to the small bathroom and without even locking the door sat down and finally started to go pee! i pissed like a racehorse for about 30 seconds straight and then tapered off in to a normal stream for a while and then it ended.

    when i came out there was another girl waiting with her eyes wide, i wonder if she heard…


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