The Best White Elephant Gift

Posted: December 3, 2007 in Daily Blog


We are having a Christmas party at our house Saturday night…  Keep in mind that last Saturday night we had my parents 40th wedding anniversary party here, Sunday we have my son’s 10th birthday party here, and next Saturday this Christmas party!  I love this time of year because of all the time with friends, but man it is busy!

So this week the party is a white elephant party.  The one when you look around your house for some piece of junk that you think will be better than all the other pieces of junk so it will be highly sought after to make the game more interesting… I am kinda worried because Transplantingme has been in the process of her moving sale, so I am sure many friends have been by there to look for things that might qualify and the “most sought after piece of junk” award…  I have no idea what I am brining… 

But I was thinking about it, how many of us have at one point in time or another felt like a piece of junk?  We messed up at something, or we were told we were worthless by someone.  Maybe in school you failed a math class, and you were just sure that you would never be any good at life because of that grade.  It could be you are struggling with an addiction right now, that you just cant shake.  Some people play self-destructive thoughts so often they begin to believe they are junk.  Maybe the boys or girls didn’t like you when everyone around you seemed to have a boy or girl friend.  Maybe you recently lost your job, or ran over a “lifebump” you know the times when you are cruising along and something jars the heck out of you that you never saw coming?  Maybe you look across the street at the “perfect” family, they seem to have life by the tail… new cars, nice home, the highest achieving kids, great jobs and you just know this Christmas they will go all out and you will feel like the scrooge compared to them!  I am sure if you think about it you will feel that tug of “worthlessness” from one situation or another.

So if we were all wrapped up in nice Christmas paper, with pretty bows on the top, we would know all the “junk” that is inside…  But this season is not about junk… it is about the beauty of God coming to earth.  And if we were to play the White Elephant Game with God, He would choose you.  He would steal you!  He would do whatever it took to make sure that He got to take you home with Him.  He sees through the junk, to the heart, and He loves each and every one of us…

  His Son was the Best White Elephant Gift Ever!  It was the one that allows us ALL to go home with Him!  Talk about a surprise!  The people of that day had no idea what was in the manger wrapped up like a baby!

You ARE sought after!  You are high on His wish list this season… may you find the Blessings that come with knowing Him on a deeper level this December…


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