Why Not Help?

Posted: December 12, 2007 in Daily Blog
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I have an ongoing debate in my household.  My kids laugh at me, and my wife sometimes makes fun of me, because I am actually trying to make a difference in the world.  I have made attempts to recycle, to be more consumer conscious when purchasing things, to try to lower my energy usage, and even to help humanitarian causes. 


Many people I know think these movements are political.  Some think they are a fad, and that people that do these things are just keeping up with the popular crowd.  Some people think all the environmental doomsday messages are made up propaganda from Al Gore, sorry Al, you don’t have a great rep with some, okay most, of the people I know.  But here is what I do know…


¨     People all over the world are hurting from malnutrition, thirst, unsanitary conditions, and even slavery.


¨     Our Earth is not a renewable resource, it will wear out and we can ruin it if we are not careful.


¨     God cares about people and doesn’t want to see them suffering.


¨     God cares about creation – He wouldn’t have made it so spectacular and plan on remaking it again (the Bible talks about a New Heaven and a New Earth that will come someday) if He didn’t care about it.


¨     God expects us to care about the things He cares about…  He expects those that have been given much to help those in need.




            It is so easy now to help, in little or big ways.  You can buy clothing that helps humanitarian efforts, or you can take a vacation to volunteer somewhere. (I heard of a family that went to a distant land and rocked orphans in an orphanage, and they ALL, even the teenagers, counted it among the best vacation ever!)  You can send money or donate your time, or buy products you would anyway from places that donate proceeds to good causes, you can do all kinds of things locally and globally that can help.  You can stop buying water bottles and use one that you fill over and over again to keep plastics from littering our earth (MSN Water bottle article).  You can use a re-fillable pen instead of tossing away your Bic pen that is also littering our landfills – those things NEVER disintegrate so they will be here FOREVER! 


All these things add up, and if we all do little things like these, they add up a lot!  So why not?  If it is really that easy to make a difference, why not?  Are we too proud?  Too lazy?  Are we reacting to what was once a political agenda?  (it may have been, but it isn’t any more, look at all we are facing as a country!)


Why not try to make a difference?  Why not help?

  1. Graham says:

    I need to add one thing to this post… I am not a scientist… I have no understanding of the whole Global Warming debate, and that is not the intent of this post… it is only to say that we need to be good stewards of what we have been entrusted with… lets take care of Creation, and take care of people that need help… we can do it if we work together on it!

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