Top Ten Things I Would Do Differently

Posted: December 19, 2007 in Daily Blog
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For some reason I have been very reflective lately.  I am not sure if it is because I am going to be 38 years old in a few months, and that makes me feel REALLY old… or if it is because I find myself surrounded with younger people all of a sudden.  There are many 18-28 year olds in my sphere of influence, and the last time that happened I was in college, nearly 20 years ago!  Yes 20, I hope that doesn’t change your perspective of me all of a sudden, but time goes really fast after college – really fast…  so here are the top ten things ( 5 today, 5 tomorrow) I would love to tell all of you that are in your 20’s, or nearly 20… 


  1. Listen for God’s voice.  I lived my life for a long time ignoring the knocking on the door.  He (God) was standing on the porch knocking, but I was too busy living for myself.  What I realized later was that His way of living was a much better way, still exciting, still creative, fresh and fun, but just better – kind of like the way a deep friendship impacts all of life.  Life is better with God, not always easier, but definitely better.


  1. Stay in touch.  I had many many friends in college.  I have no idea what most of them are doing now, but I have changed so much and wish that I still had that network of people to draw from.  Relationships are the cornerstones of life… keep connected with people.


  1. Listen more to others.  I had pretty much decided I could figure life out on my own, and if you were older than me there was no way you could understand what I was going through.  That is true of many younger generations today, but there is still deep wisdom and insight available to you if you would listen to those that have gone before you.  Listen to previous generations, they have great amounts of experience, and it may or may not influence decisions or direction in your life today, but you will be better aware of options or potential positive and negatives by listening.


  1. Surround myself with smart and positive people.  I would, and do now, seek out more mentors.  People with varing backgrounds that have success in their areas of specialty and that are uplifting and encouraging.  People that I could develop a formal monthly meeting with to help me navigate life.  I would prepare for the meetings with questions and ask for feedback from them, (Again, listen, listen, listen – don’t talk or offer excuses, just listen) and I would thank them for their help often.


  1. Hang out with friends more.  Friendships and relationships are irreplaceable, and life was made for us to connect with others.  Going to movies together, grilling dinner, watching a game on TV, going to lunch at work, do it with people. It makes life much more satisfying!


Okay, more tomorrow, I don’t want to lecture too much in one day!  I hope this helps, and I would love to hear from you others, what would you tell this “younger generation” that you would have done differently or that you have learned on your journey?


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