Catch A Tiger By The Toe; Taking One Step Too Far

Posted: December 28, 2007 in Daily Blog
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images4.jpegAfter watching the news from San Francisco’s Zoo this week this brings new meaning to old nursery rhymes. Early reports have it that the young man that was killed by the tiger may have been taunting the tiger. Apparently there is a shoe print on the fence designed as a barrier to the animal, and blood was found in the actual pen. Now, I am sure that this young man had no intention of being attacked, in his mind he was probably just messing around – trying to have a little fun…Unfortunately, this is not unusual behavior. We all have something that we mess around with, trying to have a little fun. Something we may do in the privacy of our home, or our minds maybe. Maybe something that we feel we have complete control over, and we are balancing on a ledge between having fun and disaster. I heard a popular speaker talk about the “anonymous places”in our lives. These are the places where we do things that we would be mortified if anyone else knew. Not many of us would want the entire world to see us walking the fence between a tiger pen and the sidewalk; but it only takes one misstep and down we go in front of everyone we know.What we are in private, in the “anonymous places” is as important as what we are in public. Authenticity is at the root of living healthy. You don’t have to walk around wearing a sign describing your hang-ups, but you should try to find someone you can talk to about the tiger you are flirting with. Destruction not only hurts, it can be fatal, and no matter how well you think you can handle it, like this young man thought, it only takes one step too far and down you go. What was satisfying yesterday may not be today, and before you know it you are further out on the edge than you ever hoped you would be.Here is the thing to remember, we all struggle with tigers. We all think we are better at handling them then we really are. Our tigers are wild animals bent on destroying us. There are people in our lives that not only have their own tigers they struggle with but also want to help you with yours, and could use your help dealing with theirs. One of my resolutions this year will be finding someone I can talk to about my tigers. My hope is that you will do the same.

  1. Randy says:

    I have always said that there is a sermon in almost every life story or event. How true this is about tiger story. Satan continuously masks those bad things to make them look good. Flirting with danger (as in the tiger story) will eventually get you hurt or others hurt. Thanks for the insight and the challenge.

  2. no new blog to inspire for the new year?

    have a grand new year

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