Generosity, Grace, Humanity In A Modern Lifestyle – Follow Up

Posted: January 21, 2008 in Daily Blog
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So now is the telltale time for me to come clean with you about how my weekend went in the whole “showing generous grace” category from Friday’s post.  The results weren’t bad, but  I still have a long way to go…


I knew when I posted Friday’s blog that I was going to our friends house that moved to Thailand to haul out all the trash.  So I figured if nothing else I could call that “generosity” if everything else failed.  I helped; it felt good to help, and I know that was a good thing.  My wife and I went shopping later in the day and I picked up some AAA batteries because my trimmer goes trough batteries like crazy and I had not trimmed my nose hairs in a long time, they were in need to say the least!  Okay not just nose hairs, but my goatee was getting quite bushy, a little too bushy for my tastes, so I needed the stupid 5 dollar batteries to accomplish the job.  When I got up Sunday morning to get ready and went to retrieve the batteries for my much needed grooming, my son had a screwdriver in his hand attempting to install MY BATTERIES in one of his toys!  I informed him in a loud tone that I was embarrassed about as soon as I heard it that, “these are MY BATTERIES!  I NEED THEM!!!  GET YOUR FILTHY PAWS OFF!”  You could say this was generosity at it’s best working out in my life… or my son’s, who was able to say, “jeeze dad, take it easy.”  (I think he knows a lot more about generosity and grace than I do.)


My favorite thing though was having a couple over to the house to watch the game and share a meal.  Sometimes being generous with family time, food and entertainment is just about the best thing in the world… we had a great relaxing afternoon, but I don’t think it was life changing, dramatic generosity, maybe just the slow drip kind, but that can eventually have great results too…


What really hit me through this was my seeing wife’s generosity.  Besides spending nearly every Sunday morning leading the kids at our church and missing the adult service part, Sunday night she and her sister were out running errands and they saw a loose dog.  It was a friend’s dog; well here is the story – their other sister that lives in Denver has a friend that’s daughter lives here in Colorado Springs, so the daughter is the owner of this dog…  The dog has been missing for a couple days, and on their way to wherever it is sisters go to run errands they saw it in a neighborhood.  It is about 20 degrees out and falling, and they are tracking this dog… it heads out into a field, they have cell phones and are calling for reinforcements, the dog stands no chance against these sisters.  So there they are, in pursuit of this dog, spending hours trying to catch it; in the snow, in the cold, and they don’t even know the owner that well.  The sun sets, the temperature drops, and they continue chasing this dog…  That is generosity.  Selflessly helping someone in need.  Man I need to get better at that!


What about you?  Any success stories of your generosity?  What about setbacks, any of those you would like to share?  I would love to hear your comments!

  1. mike says:

    I would have to say that i to was not as good as i could or should. I also helped a friend clean out his house due to the fact that he to moved to Thialand. Are you following me. On Saturday night we went to my mom and dads. Before we got there we did some grocery shopping and picked up dinner for them and us. (my mom did pay for dinner–so not sure it counts). On Sunday I got up to meet a friend for bible study– which he blew off. So I was forced to help the assistant pastor possible soon to be senior pastor set up chairs and make coffee with the help of Trish. then we went and celebrated my sons b-day and had 5 kids spend the night–need i say more. well that was about it for me. i will shoot to do better each and every day.

  2. wineymomma says:

    I know all about the battery thing. Lullibell used the last of my (expensive) camera batteries in her portable cd player. right now in my digital camera i am using regular batteries at light speed. Maybe you could try lithium batteries in your trimmer to see if they last longer.

    As far as grace goes I did pretty good until I was at church and made a loud involuntary gasping sound at a part of the sermon!

    I did line up a big volunteer project for this week. If anyone is interested in helping paint floors let me know. hahahaha.

    And about the super sisters-you gotta love having friends like them!

  3. Graham says:

    what kind of painting project are you doing?

  4. David Graziosa says:

    OK you didn’t finish the end of the story. I get the point” Great one at that” But is the dog Ok. Did the owner catch the dog or is she still running around the neighborhood looking for her… Of course I Know the end of the story but some might be out there loosing sleep tonight…WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LITTLE DOG ????

  5. Graham says:

    The dog was rescued! The owners came and caught it. It was cold and wet; but it survived. There are a lot of coyotes and foxes that would have loved to snack on this pup, and with it as cold as it was out the dog would have been a goner if they hadnt caught it!

  6. wineymomma says:

    My friend Carroll is tearing up carpet that the kitty decided to use as a litter box. Don’t know if the rest of you know this but kitty urine does terrible things to the sub flooring so before she can get anything new installed we have to kilz the whole floor! Not a big project (this part) but a particularly stinky one! 🙂

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