Stuck In The Snow In Front Of My House!

Posted: January 23, 2008 in Daily Blog
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It has snowed off and on here for the past few weeks, and we have been enjoying the beautiful covering that glistens in the sunlight every day.  There are some difficulties that come with the snow, but up until recently it hasn’t been a big deal.  We have had rear wheel drive cars forever, and in Colorado they can make it really difficult to get around.  There are a lot of hills here, and when they ice up it gets really interesting.  Again , this hasn’t caused any problems until recently, and it is incredibly frustrating. 

Our friends that left for Thailand let us have their minivan.  It was a great relief; front wheel drive, big for the whole family, we are loving it.  Except last Friday it wouldn’t start.  I had moved our big van across the street and parked it on the curb to make room for this minivan in the garage, and this is where things break down – the big van, parked across the street, close to the curb…  It snows, the sun comes out and melts the snow, the water runs off the yards, driveways and roofs into the gutters.  The sun goes down, the water freezes, and pretty soon all the streets and sidewalks are clear, but the gutters are frozen solid.  So, our van, parked with two of the four tires in the gutter is stuck.  Two wheels are on perfectly dry pavement, two are shading the ice packed gutters, and we cannot get traction to move the stupid thing.  Trish and I spent a good hour trying to move it; we put stuff under the tire that is spinning to try to get traction and actually moved it about three feet, but it is uphill, and we started to run the van out of gas.  It is stuck, right outside our house, and it has been 40 degrees out the past couple days!!!  So now, with the minivan not running, and the other van stuck, we are down to one car…  luckily I work from home.


It won’t be long before we solve these problems, fixing the minivan and unsticking the big van, but it is just one more time consuming, energy wasting dilemma that I would love to avoid on this busy week.  I am reminded, however, of all the times something seemingly stupid and benign seems to get me so stuck like our van.  I get caught up on something that isn’t very deep, but it consumes a ton of energy and time to get out of.  Life is funny that way, I guess the only way to get through these kinds of things’ if we cannot avoid them to begin with, is to keep a good attitude and laugh a lot.  Ha, Ha Ha. (sarcasm)

  1. wineymomma says:

    I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t call you guys to pick up Lullibell and take her to school for me today! I don’t know where you would have put her!!

    I hope things get sorted out soon!

  2. Michael says:

    I can honestly say that I’ve never even heard of a vehicle being frozen to the road until now. You should move back to Texas, we don’t put up with that kind of weather around here.

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