Buying Livestock And All The Loser’s Left Overs

Posted: February 7, 2008 in Daily Blog
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About 6 months ago I came up with an idea to sell t-shirts that had cool Aeropastale or American Eagle type designs on them representing, in a really artistic, contemporary way, life on a farm.  They could have animal motif’s or farmer motif’s, as long as they were cool and trendy I didn’t care.  Then the proceeds from the t-shirts would go to World Vision, an organization that helps people in poor countries.  The idea was that the shirts would buy animals for communities allowing them to trade and barter with what they have for what they need.  If you get chickens you use the eggs to barter with, cows the milk, you get the idea.  World Vision allows you to actually purchase animals for people that are destitute so they can build a life, you can actually buy goats, chickens, cows and the like for people that need them.  It is like the idea, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”  So buy a t-shirt with a cool cow print, you are helping provide a cow for a community in need.  Imagine building an entire farm with cows, chickens, plough-horses, wheat supplies, vegetable fields, etc, just by buying clothes you already need.  Everyone needs a t-shirt.   If you think it is a good idea, I could use your help getting it off the ground.  This is the kind of difference I want to make, not just sending 20 bucks a month somewhere, but getting a bunch of people to contribute to helping solve the hunger and poverty issues.

While I was pondering this idea with a good friend of mine from Texas he asked a good question; what happens to all the t-shirts and apparel from the Super Bowl losers?  You know that there are a ton of shirts printed up that has each team winning so regardless of the outcome they can sell the winning team’s apparel.  What happens to all the shirts that are not sold because that particular team lost?  A GREAT question I thought; surely they don’t through those things away!   I found out this morning that those shirts and apparel are not discarded, they are donated to World Vision.  Somewhere in the world today a child is playing outside in the street with a t-shirt that says “Patriots – NFL Champions, 19-0” or something like that, and that is a very cool thing.

  1. i’ll tell michael to keep his eyes out for that…

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