The Looming Shadow

Posted: February 13, 2008 in Daily Blog


I have been living in a shadow the past couple days.  You know the one that seems like it is bound and determined to overtake you, but it hasn’t quite caught you yet. My body has been flirting with fever, cough, and the aches that accompany the virus my wife was laid up with for a week.  (she is still hacking up a lung and will finally go see a doctor this morning!)  So I am walking, (more like sitting or sleeping) in the shadow of this beastly thing called “flu.”  I have heard that this particular virus is not the one you get the shot for, and I have heard it is…  Who knows if it really helps or not?  But I am getting the flu shot next year for sure. Half of me wants to get up and go, the other half wants to go back to bed.  I want to fight the Shadow because I feel like there is so much to do, and yet I am very sleepy.  I will probably work in between naps today, and cancel my appointments… Another day bites the dust…  But I am thrilled for friends and family that have been so helpful.  Some close friends bought us groceries and dinner last nigh so we didn’t have to send anyone out!  That is awesome and thank you so much you know who you are!  (She even bought a birthday cake and candles, so we did have cake last night! Luckily my stomach is fine, or unluckily, Trish has had no appetite through her ordeal!) It is awesome to have people there to help.  Wash your hands often, and take your vitamins – staying healthy it is so much better than getting sick on your birthday!

  1. mike says:


    Hea, another name from the past! My sister, Cristy, told me that she found your blog. I wanted to check it out for myself and I’m glad that I did!

    Hope you are successful at dodging “the bug”, I caught the nasty cold bug and it is killing me!

    Dude, e-mail me and lets catch up!

    Mike L.

  2. so, i get online expecting an i’m the most romantic fellow in the entire world and i love valentine’s day post, and instead read an i’m not gonna get sick just cuz i’m sick post. sorry the illness has come for you. i come from the school of thought that it’s easier if you just go ahead and succumb to the germs, they’re gonna get you anyway. and then you can just move past it.

    oh, and then i remembered that darn time change. it isn’t v-day for you guys, yet! so you might possibly be feeling better tomorrow and be able to come up with some brilliant way to embarrass trish.

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