The Best Valentine List Ever

Posted: February 14, 2008 in Daily Blog
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In an effort to be romantic on valentines day, in the midst of coughs, colds, and feavers, here is what I was thinking about last night as I tried to fall asleep;


Ten reasons I love my wife


1.  Laughter; we laugh a lot.   Even in the middle of an argument she will smile and we will both start laughing.  It helps us stay together when we can laugh a lot.  She shines and infects many others when she laughs.


2.  Strength, She is one of the strongest people I know, her emotional strength is unbelievable and she models integrity and doing the right thing for all those around her.


3.  Encouragement.  I see her encouraging so many around her (including me) in all walks of life, I think that is a huge strength.


4. Friendship.  She is my best friend, even when we don’t love each other very much, I would not want to go through a day without her.  And she is a great friend to others too.  They are all lucky to call her friend.


5.  When she is sick or doesn’t feel well, she needs me.  She wants to know that I am there for her no matter what.


6.  She loves Jesus and wants to know Him better.


7.  She is humble, sometimes to a fault.  She is capable of so much, yet she would never say so.


8.  She says what she thinks.  It is really good to know she doesn’t hold anything back.


9. She puts the kids and me before herself, and that makes her an incredible servant spirit.


10.  She would follow me anywhere, being supportive and encouraging all the way giving every opportunity her best shot… 


I got really lucky when I married Trish.  I wouldn’t have it any other way!  


  1. coolchurchmom says:

    As you well know, it wasn’t luck, my dear. She is everything you say she is. And Trish is the personification of answered prayers from parents and grandparents and a Grace-filled gift from the One who loves you even more.

  2. mike says:

    nice–but would she follow you to texas

  3. see, you’re the sappiest sap ever – trish is blessed to have you, but not as blessed as you are!

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