A Lot Can Happen…

Posted: February 19, 2008 in Daily Blog

What a week… I feel like an ipod that has no batteries left and all I can do is flash the little apple up on the screen and plead to be recharged!  Here are the highlights…


1. Trish finally went to the ER on Sunday and was diagnosed with adult onset asthma.  (her o2 level was 86 and her heart rate was 165!  Jogging at 4.5 mph will get you a heart rate of 145 or so if that gives you any ideas.)  The virus and probably some allergies she had in Texas sparked the asthma.


2.  Max is leaving today.  Max was the senior pastor of our church for 18 years, he is moving to Texas to retire and remarry.  We had a great farewell party for him Sunday.


3.  It has been a week of this virus for me, and they say I have another week to look forward to!


4.  They started moving dirt on our church property!  Here are a couple pics  (okay only one, I couldn’t get the others to work…


5.  I got “tagged” again to write down why I blog…I may do that tomorrow. 


6.  I did read an incredible book that I would highly recommend to all called, “the Shack.”  Check it out (here).


7.  Thank you to all the people that helped so much this past week.  We have great friends and family that really stepped up.  And let me tell you too, that our kids, all four of them, are fantastic!  They have done dishes, cooked, cleaned and really stepped up these past weeks.  Although they did threaten to put us in a “home” when we are old, they said we are not very good patients…very needy apparently!


So in an effort to catch up on all I have not done the last week, I am leaving now.  Thanks so much for your prayers and concerns…


  1. Missy says:

    Uncle Graham,

    #7 made my day…about your kids saying you guys are “needy” patients and they might put you guys in a home when you are older… i can see them saying that…haha

  2. Angie says:

    It seems everything happens at once, good and bad. Praying for you.

  3. Graham says:

    Suddenly our twins are very interested in our retirement accounts! I think they are thinking about the “home” already! We will be watching the mail box for brochures they have sent for!

    thanks for your prayers!

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