Are You Talented Enough?

Posted: February 20, 2008 in Daily Blog
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Because of the writers strike, I have lost interest in most television.  The only show that I have found myself really interested in lately is American Idol.  It is season 7, and I haven’t watched since probably season 2 or 3, but since there is nothing else worth tuning into, guess what?  They recently finished the mass auditions and it made me think of all the times us well-meaning people set those we love up for failure.  You and I both know that many of the contestants that were in the auditions were, in Simon’s words, “absolutely horrible.”  But almost in every case when the judges tell the people they are not good, the people are in shock!  Why?

Being in a mid sized city and moving to a large city made me realize some similarities between American Idol and just about anything people compete in or for.  Talent pools can be very shallow.  The level of talent in Dallas was much, much deeper than the level of talent in Colorado Springs.  The sports were all played more intensely, the musicians were all incredibly talented, and the artists were phenomenal.  The lifestyles there allowed for better coaches, trainers and mentors.  It was an epicenter of talent.  The talent pool was much deeper.  If you are an average or below average player there, you know it, and you know what you have to do to improve.  You get the opportunity to either excel at something or realize that you need to try something else. 

So what?  Here is the thing, we all have talents and skills.  The earlier we find out where we thrive and get into the deepest talent pool we can find, the better honed our skills and talents will be.  The best challenges and mentors are found in the deepest pools, but it is time for us to start telling the truth to those that we love; they may be pursuing something that they truly are not suited for.  Lets help people find out what their God given talents are and encourage them to be the best at that!  Most people are not great singers, lets not tell them they are – that just leads to looks of shock and bewilderment and maybe even embarrassment in front of Simon, Randy and Paula and the rest of the nation with nothing else to watch!

If you are good at something, mentor someone with potential!  If you have potential for something, find yourself an honest mentor that will tell you the truth.  Remember, someone taking money for lessons or coaching is in it to make money and will most like continue taking your money!  If you are not sure what you are good at, start asking people around you that are not so blinded by love for you that they cannot be objective.  There are books and tools to help you figure your greatest potential out.  I would love to help you!  Get in the right pool early on, don’t waste a bunch of time on a substitute for what you are really good at!

  1. they would so take me to hollywood!! and i would be flabbergasted if they didn’t!!

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