Why I Blog, And Why You Should Too!

Posted: February 26, 2008 in Daily Blog

People are interesting.  The things that make us tick, think, cry, get angry, make us happy, things we enjoy or think; all this makes us very interesting people.  I think the first question anyone asks when they consider blogging is, “who would want to read what I write, I am not that interesting?”  But I couldn’t disagree more! 

If you look at the circumstances in your life and realize they are part of a bigger story, a story that you play a major role in, you realize that not telling your part of the story leaves a blank chapter in the book of life!  Now I am not saying that I write a blog because I am so full of myself that the world would not be the same without my input, only that I feel like I have an obligation to contribute my part of the message, hoping that it will encourage, help, bring joy, highlight, or brighten someone’s day.

So how do you start?  Go to WordPress.com and sign up a new blog.  It is easy, they walk you through it and if you have questions post a comment to this entry and I will help you.  Once you get started remember there is no pressure, tell us about you, tell us about your day, tell us what makes you happy, sad, lonely, angry, tell us what your best day would be like, tell us how your journey has brought you to where you are and where you hope to go on the rest of it!  It doesn’t have to be great literature to begin, it doesn’t even have to be daily, but the more you write the more you will love it, and the more the world will benefit from what you have to say!

Now, this post was part of a tag I received from Wineymomma, I am supposed to tag three more people, but I am finding from personal experience that tagging gets mundane, so I am not tagging anyone… BUT if you begin a blog because of this post please let me know!  And if you read this and want to comment on why you blog or don’t blog please let me in on your reasons!


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