My Increasing Frustration With Our Church Building(?) Project

Posted: March 6, 2008 in Daily Blog
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It seems that if you are going to build a building you have to be an expert in paper trail management.  You have to have an incredible amount of patience and a willingness to be okay with deadlines being blown.  You have to keep a smile on your face when the one document from 3 years ago that is supposed to be on file with the city cannot be found by any of the 4 parties involved that should all have copies.  You have to be willing to watch other big box organizations sail through city approvals, inspections and hoops without any problem; (They started a year after us and are already open for business,) while at each juncture your small church has to run a fire drill of looking for whatever document is needed at the time.  Oh, by the way, it has to be signed by at least two “officials” and notarized, so that dirt that was moved is just going to sit there until you can proceed. 

It is one thing to want to get into the new building… it is another when you have other organizations that are time sensitive depending on you.  (a school will be leasing space in our new building, they need to be in early fall, and we are now looking at a mid-November open date)  I am discouraged by this whole process.  This isn’t the first building process I have been involved in, but it seems much more difficult this time, and it is a fraction of the scope of the other project! 

I know I shouldn’t vent here, but we have been trying to put down a foundation for 4 months, and we still don’t have the approval from the city to do it.  Every time we get close (like I said we have all the dirt prepared) another document is required because someone lost it, or didn’t tell us we needed it…  they should have a list of everything needed so you can have it all ready, instead they tell you one thing at a time… it is ridiculous. 

My patience are warring thin.  It really shouldn’t be this hard.  If we could just get started on the foundation the building will go up quickly…  See, sometimes even “pastors” struggle with God’s timing… I know no one person is to blame, it has been a series of things and “it is what it is,” but I am not one of those people that is “okay” with things falling through the cracks – and if I don’t work out these frustrations here, I will take them out on the next poor unsuspecting city official that crosses my path – that might not be good… I can see it now, “Hey you little @#($*#&@@!  Would you just help us get our @#R#@$% church started!  It’s not my @#$#$@ fault you lost the @#$#%@% paperwork!”  Then as the General Contractor goes back to “fix” all the problems I caused he can politely tell the clerk that I am the pastor… yeah great stuff… 

Thanks for listening it helped a lot.

  1. so,how are all parties involved taking this news?

  2. Graham says:

    We are currently developing “contingency” plans. It is not unexpected, the timeline was too aggressive for how long everything is taking as it is. It should all work out fine, I just get cranky when it takes longer than I think it should.

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