Selfishness Can Blow Up In Our Face

Posted: March 17, 2008 in Daily Blog
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Last week the Powerball Lottery in Colorado was approaching 300 million dollars.  As my family and I sat around the dinner table talking about life, the subject came up and we went around asking everyone what they would do if we won.  It was an interesting conversation to hear our kids tell us of all the things they would love to have, clothes, (three girls get you lots of clothes) big house with lots of rooms and a pool,  (and big closets to hold all their clothes!) trips to Disney World, a house on the beach in San Diego, and one of the most interesting answers came from my son – he wanted to build an endangered species sanctuary.  (I thought that was really cool.)


It fit in perfectly with the series we had been going through at church… we had been studying the book of Esther this month, (read it here) a great story of circumstance, intrigue, betrayal and a twist that is truly amazing.  Yesterday we talked about the Villain that wells up inside of us and keeps us from being the people we need to be for God and for others around us.  There is a really evil man in the story that winds up being killed because his selfishness gets the best of him.


Selfishness is inside of all of us.  We all have desires, cravings and want things that well up at times and sometimes surprise us.  The problem is when we start focusing on our wants and desires, they become bigger and bigger in our lives.  Like a balloon that we blow up, the bigger it gets the less we can see things right in front of us.  And eventually it can blow up in our face!  The bigger our selfishness gets in our life the less we see other people and God around us.  The less we see others, the more selfish we get!  It is a dangerous spiral that can quickly get out of control.  Cravings and desires being catered to quickly lead to addictions, bad decisions and can lead to our own destruction.  Giving time and energy to others and to God is one of the quickest way to keep the balloon of selfishness from getting out of control.  Take a look at your attitudes, habits and behavior, how much of it is all about you?  Is that really what you want to be known for, or do you want to be know as a giver, helper and encourage of those around you?

It is a battle we all face, everyday!


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