A Group Of Friends, Everyone Needs One

Posted: March 18, 2008 in Daily Blog
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Last Sunday night a friend of mine invited Trish and I to his house.  Every week he has a group of people over and they hang out, eat, talk and do life together.  It was so cool to see this group of people gathering, there were teenagers, college age kids, young adults and older adults there, and they just hung out and talked.  It was a Bible study too, but the thing that really stood out to me was that this group was an authentic, inspiring, caring group of people.  They had a white board that they used to pray for the needs in the group, but more than that they were praying for the needs of people that they knew that did not come to this group.  Regular people in their lives that needed help were on the board.  Trish’s name was on the board – she had been so sick and this group, most of whom we just met Sunday night, was regularly praying for her to get better.  It doesn’t matter what your view of prayer is to me, knowing that people care enough to pray for you that you have never met is a really cool thing!

It was neat to see how they cared for each other, encouraged each other, and wrestled with difficult issues like life, faith, God, and raising kids.  This is where real community happens, in people’s homes, over food and coffee, where real needs, desires, disappointments and struggles are worked out and walked through.  You have heard me say that “conversations are the intersections of influence,” and I believe we can all use the influence of our friends to make us better people.  Relationships matter.  They are important in our lives as we are shaped and molded by those around us, (hopefully for the better,) we become better people because of those that surround us, and hopefully they become better being surrounded by us!

Next time you are invited to come to someone’s house to participate in a group like this, I hope you do it!  Those of you that love to host groups like this – please start one, there are so many people living lonely lives that are longing for this kind of community!  It is an easy thing to do, start with food, everybody loves to eat.  Meet once a month in the beginning and let the relationships grow naturally.  Start with your neighbors, co-workers, or moms from school.  Don’t worry about Spiritual stuff, that subject will come up naturally in conversations as the group grows closer together and becomes safer to share… Develop chemistry, be in each other’s homes and lives, let community grow around you, be vulnerable, be caring, and let the rest take care of itself!  We all long for relationships, these kinds of groups are a great way to develop them.


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