The Bigger Story And You

Posted: March 20, 2008 in faith

You long for more, you put the book down and walk away, but your mind keeps mulling over the story, over the characters, you have lived with them now for days, and you love them.  You feel a pull into their lives, their circumstances, and they are now forever a part of your life.  You will never be the same.  The story was so inspiring, and it has caused you to look at life in a whole new way.  You feel parts of the story pulling at you, tugging at you in places that you have never explored, way deep down inside, almost primal.  It is almost as if parts of this story have been part of you since the beginning.  You feel it stirring up inside of you, and your only response is to wonder where these feelings are coming from.


What if you are part of it? What if from the beginning of time the plan was for you to be part of the bigger story going on around you.  You settle for a small story, your mundane life, living in the way you live, but you give up on the Hope that there is something more. Don’t give up, the small story is a half-truth, there is more and the bigger story has been part of your heart, mind, and soul since the beginning.  The world was created with a place in it just for you.  No one else can play your part and the story would not be complete without you.  You have important things to do.  It may be saving a nation from sure disaster, it may be saving one person from making a bad choice, but it is all important.  You may be entrusted with the lives of others – to shape and mold and help prepare for life as a parent.  You may be finding a solution to a problem that will ensure the health of mankind for years to come.  You may be destined to encounter one person that needs some encouragement and by you providing it, they may encourage another, and another and so on, changing a culture around them. 


Humans were created to be a part of a bigger story, a story that the Author wrote from the beginning of time.  You were on His mind when he wrote it, you are on His mind as it unfolds during these days. (read this!) He is longing for you to know Him as the intimate designer of your soul and personality.  He loves you and wants you to love Him, He has been waiting for you. (check this out) Not because of what He can give you, but because He is good and loving and kind, and He wants to be your partner as you travel this path you are on.  He has offered His love to you, He has made a way for you to know Him.  He has been pursuing mankind since they ate of the forbidden fruit and hid from Him in the bushes. (read that story here)    He can take all the stuff that you are ashamed of and make you new. (click here) All the bad stuff you have done, just ask and He forgives and forgets! (look) He is not hidden from you, all you have to do is ask Him to come to you. (knock, knock)


This weekend Christ Followers all over will celebrate His death and resurrection.  He lived a perfect life, took all of our failures on His shoulders and was executed on our behalf, He died and was buried in a tomb.  Three days later when they went to the tomb He wasn’t there, He beat death and is alive!  He is alive today as much as He was alive 2000 years ago.  He is waiting for you in heaven, preparing a place for you, and He desperately wants you to be with Him the rest of your days on this journey, and forever with Him on the next!  (read about Easter here)  Happy Easter – He is alive indeed.


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