Everyone Needs A Catch-Up Day

Posted: March 25, 2008 in Daily Blog
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I am trying to play catch-up today.  After the busy weekend, and all the emotions that were so strong yesterday, (Read about it here) – we took the family to a movie.  It was interesting to see how the emotions of the day before caught up with all of us.  The kids, who didn’t know their uncle that well even were under a heavy load.  Trish and I were pretty much out of commission.  Emotions can paralyze you and it was as if we needed a day just to get back on our feet.  I am always surprised at how a heavy emotional day can make you feel like you ran a marathon or got no sleep.  (sleep is not coming easy the past few days either.)  I also find it interesting that in the face of death and tragedy like this I long to be around kids – the younger the better.  Something about new life in the midst of death brings hope.  Sounds a lot like the Easter message again.


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