Leaders Are Lifelong Learners

Posted: March 28, 2008 in Leadership Fridays
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One of the best lessons I have learned about leading is you can only lead people as far as you have gone yourself, so to be constantly improving and getting better you have to develop a plan for continued education.  There are several ways to do this including reading, listening to leaders, and my favorite – volunteering.


As a young person, and even for some of you older people lacking the practical experience because you haven’t been in the workforce for long, consider volunteering for a non-profit or church.  You will have the opportunity to lead larger groups that you ever could in a business situation.  It gives you hands on experience and usually someone to give you feedback and training.  I love to involve moms and young people in the churches I have served in because of their untapped potential.  You have the time and the desire, so find your passion and jump in.  There are websites to help you connect with volunteer opportunities – click here.


I also have a steady diet of podcasts.  If you don’t have itunes download it and check out these podcasts:


HBR Ideacast – This is Harvard Business Review’s webcast that covers the featured articles in their very expensive periodical.  There are great things in this cast, it is short and easy to learn from.  The podcast is free, the periodical is overpriced.


Manager Tools – these guys are coaches for 6 figured salary managers at large multinational companies, and their wisdom is free on their casts… I have gained a ton of knowledge from these guys!


Practically Speaking – this is mainly for church leaders, but Andy Stanley at one of the biggest churches in Atlanta is an incredible leader, you can apply his principles across broad disciplines.


I have also subscribed to John Maxwell’s CD club.  It is pricey, but John is one of the best leadership coaches in America today. 


I always thought once I was done with college I wouldn’t read another book in my life – unless it was strictly for pleasure… that was a lie I told myself!  Reading is a great way to continue learning too – some great authors that have helped me along include; Patrick Lencioni, Bill Hybels, Kouzes and Posner, and John Maxwell.  A great resource but another subscription is required is the Gallup Management Journal.  It is online and worth every penny. You cant go wrong with any of these.


Tailor your learning to your style and don’t get locked into your specialty, study across broad markets because you never know what will help you the most…  I hope this helps!  Lead well!


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