Posted: March 31, 2008 in Daily Blog
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I am trying hard not to over schedule myself, but I fear I did it again.  When you are booked tight and something comes up that is important and urgent, you have a crisis on your hands.  I think it is a little funny because this week I am preparing a sermon on Fun, part of our churches series of Priorities From God’s Perspective.  The point is we schedule our lives so full of stuff there is no margin them for fun or rest – both vital to our emotional, spiritual and physical health.  We work, work, work to make a “life” for ourselves but when we are done working we have no or little energy left, and then we hustle from one event to another never getting the “down time” our bodies need – not sleep, but just rest and relaxation.  Have you ever noticed the kind of conversations you get in with people when there is no time pressure?  The kind that happen around a restaurant table, grill, or in the kitchen?  Life happens in this space, this is the kind of margin – a spur of the moment “lets grab dinner” with close friends that I am certain is the way God wants us to live life.  This mindset puts the value on people and relationships, not activities and getting ahead.  It is the exact opposite of the “lets get together next month, I am booked solid until then!” that happens when we are overscheduled.  You and I were made to thrive in relationships, when we book our lives with activities we miss out on what we innately need.


I have to go prepare this message, I desperately need to hear it and apply it to my own life!


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