Guest Bloggers & Friendships that Satisfy

Posted: April 10, 2008 in Daily Blog


I have invited some of my friends to write for this blog. People like you and me, just trying to find their way in life.  They are from all walks of life; different ages, stages of life, & places in the country…  the cool thing about all of them is where they are in their journey.  I think each and every one of them has something extremely important to offer this world, and they are all passionately living life.  I cant wait to see how it all works out.  I don’t know how this will turn out, I am hoping that some of them become regular guests, it will be a cool experiment.


Today I am putting the finishing touches on the sermon for the weekend, and I get to meet with a friend for lunch that is being recognized in his church this weekend.  The church and church leaders are confirming in him a call from God to do ministry, and the type of things he does are absolutely amazing!  He specializes in Media Arts and does a lot of video and web production stuff.  He designed our church’s new logo and has built a bunch of great looking websites.  (I haven’t convinced him to voluntarily do ours yet, it needs some major work!  Don’t click here!) 


This weekend we are talking about Friendship.  I have a great illustration and we are going to start introducing small groups.  I would love to hear a story or two from you about how being friends with someone helped you or them out.  Friendship is an amazing thing, when you trip up in life having a friend to help pick you back up is worth the world.  Developing deep relationships that you can share your troubles with, your concerns and even your deepest darkest secrets allows a freedom in living that is unsurpassed.  There is no drug out there, no high available that meets the deep need in us to know and be known.  Finding a way to have healthy deep relationship is refreshing and restoring.  Being around someone that is like that – someone that has experienced deep healing relationships – is like catching a whiff of a fragrance that brings you right back to a place where you were happy & in love.  It overtakes your senses and you find yourself in the midst of a great memory from your past.  It is like your most precious dream comes true and you are in the middle of it, satisfied and content…  has that ever happened to you?   


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