Good Day, Good Week

Posted: April 16, 2008 in Daily Blog

Okay, I did something a little crazy yesterday. I will tell you in a minute, but first since I have a busy day today I will give you a quick rundown.

The Guest Bloggers are busily working on their pieces… they are all very excited and as they come in I will begin posting them in May. If they can get me their stuff that soon we will start as early as the first week, if not it may be the second or third week. I am really looking forward to it!

Yesterday I met with the banker that is handling the financing on the church building project. He and I are in total agreement that things need to be moving and he is going to jump in the middle of some of this stuff too… trying to get things moving faster. It is a killer to be standing on the property with a 77 degree day and have NOTHING going on there! I found this meeting to be a huge relief because it has seemed sometimes I didn’t have all the leverage I needed to move this project forward. It was negotiated and begun before I was involved in it, so I am joining late and feel sometimes like my voice is only a little part of the total chorus. Meeting with the banker helped quite a bit, so now I feel a lot more comfortable in the project knowing we are on the same pages…

I had a great conversation with a young person yesterday about life and help and relationships. It was awesome to be able to give them some insight into things and provide some needed help. Life is hard and confusing sometimes and if you don’t have good people speaking into yours it can get even more difficult. Surrounding yourself with good friends and mentors is a huge part of being healthy and content in your circumstances and making good life decisions.

Today I have a long day of message preparation. I am getting better at preparing so it is taking less time during the week, which is good! But it still takes time to develop a theme and scripture and make it relevant and applicable to where people are in life… it will be a full day of studying and heavy thinking! I thrive on that so it is fun for me!

Okay ready for the crazy thing I did yesterday? Here it is…

yes those are highlights!


  1. hmmm, well, ummm, oh my…

  2. Chris says:

    You’re almost as metro as Drew Leaver.

  3. Justin Jones says:

    You and you son need to get away from the female influence in that house once and a while.

  4. Michael says:

    Looks just like something that happens when you have a bunch of daughters…I should know. 🙂

  5. trish prouty says:

    On behalf of the women in the Prouty house we have to say that, we had nothing to do with the new hairstyle, we are as shocked as the rest of you.I must say it does make him look very young, the wife approves!!!! You know what they say blondes have more fun.

  6. Lance says:

    Crazy?! Well, it makes me wonder what is next now…maybe a Pedicure? Manicure? Facial mask? 🙂 Good luck in the next adventure!

  7. i think it might be hard to get the full effect here… maybe graham should let someone else hold the camera – a little further away.

  8. trish prouty says:

    I think you are right, bad pic to close up but it does look cool, a little I just got off my surf board, but it looks good!

  9. Graham says:

    my friend Epstein said I was very hip! He is even thinking of getting some! Course he is grey and they may need to be lowlights!

  10. yes, he gave me a very vivid, slightly creepy description. said they looked really good and your hair was brushed forward here and your sideburns did this and it looked good. and how young you looked. very man crush like.

    and i’m all about showing the gray! gray is great, that’s my motto. (i’m not sure how attached to that motto i would be if i could find someone to color it, but since it’s going no where, i’m all about gray is great!!)

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