Are You Enjoying The Journey? Through American Idol Eyes…

Posted: April 23, 2008 in Daily Blog

I noticed something last night, and if you are a fan of American Idol you probably did too.  (Remember that there was no good TV because of the writer’s strike so we had to watch something!) As the season has progressed there are two kinds of singers, those that are getting increasingly nervous and flustered, and those that are enjoying the experience and stepping into it with confidence.  It is really easy to see when they are alone on the stage singing, those that lack the confidence and are caught up in the nervous moment are faltering, even cracking under the pressure.  Those that seem to be hitting their stride are coming out of their boxes and hitting home runs every time they get on stage, even if the music is not their thing.  (Last night it was Broadway tunes and I think most of them never had heard or seen an Andrew Lloyd Weber production)  It is sad to watch the very talented crash and burn on live TV, but it is exciting to see the other stars rising to the challenge. 


You can see the panic of some of their faces when they start their songs.  It can be almost painful to watch as they wrestle with trying to attach to the music to the crowd.  The judges take all of it in and are very clear when it doesn’t connect – even Paula, who doesn’t seem to make sense most times, will indicate that something was missing.  I can identify with the contestants.  I have had times in my life when what I was doing didn’t seem to connect with where I was at that moment.  I was so caught up in the end game, becoming something else, wanting to be somewhere else or being the best or better than I was at the time, that I missed out on all the great experiences along the way.  I was so focused on getting through that time, or achieving certain results I missed the journey. 


What I am enjoying watching now is the AI contestants that are caught up in the moment.  They are star struck and wide eyed.  They are fully aware of the incredibly experiences they are getting, the coaching, the celebrity mentors, the publicity.  They seem to soak it all in… you can even tell when they are on the stage singing that they are caught up in the moment.  They are totally living in the present, knowing at any moment it could end and you can see the joy in their eyes for their time in it.  When I realized that this life is all about the paths we take and not about the goals we set, I began to see the differences in my own life that are so evident in the contestants performances.  If we get so caught up in the end results we miss the journey to get there we will be disappointed in all we have missed.  If we focus on the journey, the learning’s along the way, the lessons we glean from our experiences, the friendships and relationships we develop on the pathways we take, become the best part of the experience – the satisfaction of accomplishing a goal pales in comparison to the blessings of the journey.  If we are goal oriented we can miss ALL of the blessings that come on the journey, and if the goals are not achieved then the disappointment can be overwhelming.  But if the focus is on the journey then the blessings along the way are just as satisfying as reaching the goals!

I read a quote recently, not sure where it came from, but it makes a lot of sense;

Get used to enjoying the journey, because the destination is just a mirage!

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  2. […] Graham Prouty on-line and on-life wrote an interesting post today on Are You Enjoying The Journey? Through American Idol Eyes…Here’s a quick excerptI noticed something last night, and if you are a fan of American Idol you probably did too…. […]

  3. Michael says:

    I love how you try to pretend that you are only watching because of the writer’s strike. You know you were going to watch it anyway.

  4. Graham says:

    you are probably right, but it is the only reality show i watch… does that make it better?

  5. i don’t think you have to worry. cuz from what i can tell AI seems to be “the official reality show of the christian”. 🙂

  6. Graham says:

    Great, now we have our own reality show… I am not sure what to think about that! Maybe I should watch a little more Prime Time – the reality show about Dion Sanders and his family… or Road Rules or something! I also like Run’s House on MTV… Run DMC from 80’s fame – I love his show too!

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