God Shows Off

Posted: April 28, 2008 in Daily Blog

What a weekend!  I am always amazed at the things God does for His churches.  If you have been reading this blog for any time you know that we have been in the middle of a worship leader transition.  We are looking for someone that can play guitar or keyboard and lead our church in worship on the weekends.  So until we find that person I have been making a lot of phone calls trying to fill the position from week to week.  Last week was no exception, I had talked to about 4 people, the last one was a worship pastor at a church north of us.  I got his name from a friend that didn’t know he had a job at a church, but said he had done a great job when they needed a fill in worship leader.  I called Russ and found out that he leads at Black Forest Chapel.  He said he might have someone on his worship team that could come out and help us and that he would talk to her and get back to me.  He did.  Friday morning he called and said that as he was talking to Mickey – the woman he was thinking could lead us, she suggested their entire worship team should come!  They thought it would be great, so after they played their set at their church, they loaded all their instruments in their cars and drove out!  They brought 3 singers, a bass guitar, keyboards, two acoustic guitars, an electric guitar AND a full drum kit!  They blew us away with not only their talent but their willingness to come and help!  They put themselves out there, went the extra mile, harried and stressed with all that had to be done in a very short time (they arrived at 5 till 10:00, and we start our service at 10:30 – our sound guys have never had to deal with a band yet – so we were all scrambling) but it was AMAZING!  Truly it felt a little like God was showing off.  I went from thinking we would have to have CD music to sing along with to watching an entire worship team come!  It was really cool.  We are very thankful. 


Thanks Russ, Mickey and all the rest of you that so willingly went out of your way to help!  May we all be like you – sharing your talents with others in need! 


We also found out last week that our foundation permit is in, so we should see the piers and cement start going in on our property this week.  That will be a really good thing! 


I am now wrestling with what day I should take off during the week.  It seems, as with everything else, if I don’t do it first thing it doesn’t get done… if I don’t work our in the morning I don’t work out, if I don’t study in the morning I don’t get Bible study in my day… and if I don’t take a day off early in the week (Fridays have been my official day off, but everything that crowds in during the week makes it hard to protect) I don’t seem to have a weekday off.  I am not sure yet how I feel about it, so I may experiment a little until I find a good solution…  knowing that there is one less day to prepare for the weekend stresses me out too – we’ll see and I will let you know…


Until tomorrow – have a great day!

  1. you should just take sundays. it would uncomplicate so many things… 😉

  2. oh, and you should check out the possibly related posts wordpress has pulled up for you – i haven’t read it, but i’m heading straight over to “still not pregnant & still no period” because i bet it is pretty much the same post as yours…

  3. Angie says:

    TM- You are funny, girl!

    Graham- It’s great to hear how God “shows off”.
    Our church here has Mondays off instead of Fridays.

  4. Graham says:

    I am frightened by your related article find.. what in the world? where did you find it and how does it relate? let me know when you read it TM!

  5. Michael says:

    That’s awesome, man! I love it when we let God do His thing.

    And, I’m gonna have to read the related article, too. Based on the headline, it sounds like God might be setting us up to show off another virgin birth.

  6. wordpress found that related article for you… when you go to the actual post in between the post and the comments is one of wordpresses new features… and wow, it’s really working for you.

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