The Tension In The Middle

Posted: May 7, 2008 in Daily Blog

During our lifetime we find ourselves moving from one to the other.  Our natural tendencies push us inward, our maturity (hopefully) pushes us outward.  Where do you see yourself moving lately?  Are you becoming more like the words on the left or the words on the right?  We all live in the tension between them, we all struggle with this daily…  This is just a helpful reminder of how human dignity requires us to be thinking not only of ourselves. 



Angry                            ß            à            Joyful

Short tempered            ß            à            Patient

Difficult                        ß            à            Flexible

Prone to lying               ß            à            Trustworthy

Lazy                              ß            à            Diligent

Unapproachable            ß            à            Sensitive

Dishonest                      ß            à            Honest

Holds grudge                ß            à            Forgiving

Unbending                     ß            à            Gracious

Uncaring                        ß            à            Merciful

Closed Minded               ß            à            Wonder filled

Envious                          ß            à            Generous

Give up easily                ß            à            Persevere

Hate                               ß            à            Love

Selfish                            ß            à            Selfless

  1. there are a couple of words on the right that i think i stay pretty close to, but there are far more on the left that, at times, i truly have to fight to stay away from.

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