Guest Blogger #1 “The Scrap Booker!”

Posted: May 16, 2008 in Daily Blog
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I am really looking forward to seeing other people’s perspectives and hearing their stories, so today is the first of something I hope we will do on a regular occasion. Leanne is a good friend of mine that goes way back to one of my first ministry jobs. She was on the team that lead Children’s Ministry at Chapel Hills. She has an incredibly servant spirit and she is one of the most creative people I know. The thing I appreciate most about Leanne, besides how supportive she is of her friends, is that she is a doer. She not only can come up with great ideas but she can make them happen too! That is not always easy. She is a fantastic mom, and works really hard at making a home for her husband and beautiful daughters. She does a great job setting boundaries with work and family and has been writing curriculum for a while now.

I love what she writes about taking time to reminisce, and I think we have all been there when you return to “real” life and all the pressure and routine begins to squeeze out the nostalgia… (The views expressed around scrap booking are not representative of the blog sponsor – just so we are clear… I cannot imagine an entire weekend of it!)  Her post is below:



I have just returned from a weekend away, feeling very blessed. I love to scrap book and this weekend I went with a group of ladies to scrapbook at a hotel, Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. Some people just can’t fathom sitting at a table for 14 to 16 hours a day just scrap booking. It is awesome, though. I spread all my stuff out on a table and go back in time and reminisce. I try to go to this type of retreat at least once a year. I end up scrap booking almost a year of family history (I am quite proud to say that I am currently only a little over a year behind). The best part I have to say is when I come back from these retreats: my love for my family and God is completely rejuvenated. It’s like coming back from the perfect vacation, honeymoon or date with your spouse. I feel completely reconnected. This type of weekend away gives me permission to stop and smell the roses. I look at all the pictures and see how fast my kids have grown. Life really does go by fast. I look at all the fun things we did, whether it was in the back yard or on a trip. I look at all the things God worked out for His good, that at the time I couldn’t see. I look at the pictures and just truly feel blessed. On the drive home, and even that evening, you couldn’t remove the smile or light heartedness that I felt.

Unfortunately, like the exercise routines, it is easy to fall out of that routine/feeling. Monday morning comes and it takes me almost 45 minutes to comb through my daughters long hair. Could no one find a brush this weekend? What about spelling words, math facts and reading logs? Poof, my lovey dovey mood is shattered, gone in mere minutes. Asking for or even desiring another weekend away after just 12 hours, seems, well…quite ridiculous. However, I desperately want the feeling back that I had the night before. Where did that perspective go? The “There is not enough time in the day” pit is calling my name and wants me to return (I just recently read Beth Moore’s book Get Out of the Pit). So, I am back to reality. I have a choice to get in that pit or not. I can choose to keep a God perspective or keep a me perspective. Some days I do better then others. Sometimes I get up and exercise, sometimes I don’t. Life… it is not easy. All I know, is that I can’t wait another year to stop and smell the roses.

Thanks for letting me share my heart and my struggles.



Thanks for sharing Leanne!

So what do you do to pull off the side of the highway of like and smell the roses? Is it scrap booking? Is it camping? Is it movie watching? Do you read books? Share your thoughts!

  1. trish says:

    I am not a scrap-booker I wish I was but am afraid all my kids will get is a baggy full of pictures! But as my girls are ready to enter high school I will say time has gone quick and now I wish I could get back some of the phases of life i rushed through with them. Smelling the roses not always easy to do with four kids but am learning now that they are all older to stop and enjoy the ages they are for time is going so quick. I agree with you Leanne enjoy, be present in your reality and if you must….scrapbook

    Your scrapbook less friend

  2. leanne –

    i used to scrapbook, but then discovered it was just one of the many things i did because i thought i should. helped make me a good mom, ya know? but i wasn’t doing it because i liked it. so now, i manage to get my photos off my camera and onto my computer and put them someplace like flickr to share. i’m thinking of my blog as somewhat of a scrapbook for our family, just less pictures, more words!! i plan on having it made into a book at the end of the year. it’s amazing to look back at the last 6 months and see all that has happened!!


  3. trish says:

    What a great thing TM not only pictures but for your kids to hear in your own words what you were thinking and feeling!

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