Flying Kites

Posted: May 27, 2008 in Daily Blog

I am thankful for the break last week.  It is hard to get away when so much is going on, and I feel badly when so many people have to be involved in taking up the slack when we do go, so thank you to those that stepped in and helped make the weekend happen!  There is concrete on the Church property too!  They began pouring the foundation last week!  Finally!


We towed our trailer to Canon City and stayed there a couple nights.  The weather was unsettled, so there was a little sun, a little rain and a lot of wind!  Alison bought a kite in the gift shop, a really cool one that has the dual controls so you can do tricks with it.  We got it all put together, and began our attempts to get it airborne.   Over and over again it would go up about 5 feet then go nose first into the ground.  I was beginning to worry that it was a cheap kite that would be more frustrating than fun.  But as I was looking at it I realized that the nose was too far up in the rigging.  A kite like this has three connection points on each side, and if the rigging is off, it doesn’t fly at the right angle.  I wrapped the front connecting strings around the cross support a few times on each side, and with that it soared straight up into the sky!  It was a blast!  It was windy enough that you could hear the kite’s nylon vibrating like a motorcycle and it would go back and forth and do great loops!  It was a lot of fun. I loved flying kites as a kid, so to do this with my kids was a special time.  (if you enlarge the picture below, and look carefully at the speck – it is actually the kite!  It was really high, and Taylor got a new camera that she didn’t have all figured out yet)



Sometimes in life if it is not working the way we think it should, all we have to do is make a little adjustment and things begin to soar for us too.  If you find yourself repeating patters that make you wind up nose first in the ground, look around and see if there is something little you can change that may cause a huge difference.  Maybe an attitude towards something or someone.  Maybe a habbit that needs breaking.  Maybe you are paying too much for a thing that keeps you from being able to really enjoy life.  Maybe it is hanging around a person that keeps brining you down.  These are all things that with a few minor adjustments can make the difference between you flying above – being the person you were created to be, or floundering around on the ground.  If you aren’t sure what needs to change, ask someone that you are close to that has a positive outlook on life – then suck up your pride and listen!  Here is to soaring above!


  1. we used to go out with all our neighbors and fly kites. it was a blast. and i hadn’t done it in years. it was interesting to watch all the different techniques used to get those babies up.

  2. Graham says:

    I like the ones that have the long long tails, you can make the kite do loops and watch the tails follow..

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