Posted: June 2, 2008 in Daily Blog
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I came across an interesting thought this morning in my Bible study time.  I am beginning to prepare for this Sunday’s message on prayer, so this kind of stuff jumps out at me when I am thinking about the message.  The author asked the question, “what is haunting you?”  He supposed that we are all haunted by something, and used the analogy of a child.  No matter what the child is doing or thinking, in the back of the child’s mind there is a feeling that “mommy” is right there.  If they get hurt, excited, scared, angry, sad, happy; what is the first thing they do?  They cry out for their mothers.  The mother is always on the young child’s mind even if only in the background…


So what is haunting you?  What is pressing in on your mind that is always there lurking around?  Is it a good thing or a bad thing?  Is it God?


I remember in high school watching a horror movie called “Hellraiser.” There was a character in the movie called Pin Head, because he had a bunch of nails going into his skull on some kind of grid – yeah it was gross.  For several years I was always expecting him to be hiding behind the door in my bedroom when I would come home late at night.  It was really creepy and I haven’t enjoyed horror movies since. (I was going to put an image of him here, but it is still too scary, if you are interested in seeing this guy, go to google images and type in  Hellraiser and it will bring up pictures of this scary guy!)  Being haunted can be like that, but that is not the haunting we are meaning here.  It is more like sitting alone in a restaurant constantly looking up to see who is coming in because you are expecting a close friend that you haven’t seen for a while.  It is the feeling that someone that cares about you is following you from a distance, maybe hiding behind a tree, a car, or a memory, waiting for you to be discovered.  Not a stalker, someone with good intentions waiting and willing to be there for you.


The idea is that God should be haunting you.  Not in a bad legalistic way that so many people have portrayed Him as condemning and angry.  But in the way a parent watches his child from a distance, delighting in the way they were created, longing to spend some time with that child, watching them grow, lovingly hoping that they would choose to come to him.  There are certainly and understandably conditions to following God, but the flawed assumption is that there are conditions to his love.  There are no conditions to his love… thank God, who could live up to conditions that God would have?  Who could ever be good enough.  (I know there are some people out there that think they could, but seriously… we all know better!) Thankfully God does not expect his followers to be perfect.  But God does long for a relationship with you, daily, even hourly, desiring to stay in touch – to be in contact, to know and to be known.  Is He haunting you? 

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