A Few Of My Favorite…

Posted: June 3, 2008 in Daily Blog

I have been housecleaning my Mac for a couple days.  It has slowed down a lot recently and I hate slow.  I realized that my itunes library was 60 gigs, and that takes up a lot of hard drive space!  It is stupid really, because I don’t listen to all of that music (and a lot of it was books, or audio from leaders like John Maxwell).  It would take weeks just to listen to all of it once.  I purged, now it is down to 30 gig.  Music is my downfall, I have actually been banned by Trish from buying anything new on itunes for the past couple months. 


I also have been spending a lot of time reading other blogs.  There are some fantastic ones out there… truly worth the time reading.  I have a Google reader that pulls the recent posts and updates them so I don’t have to go looking.  You can find many of these in my blogroll to the right, but I am going to suggest you follow the links next to go and read some of there stuff – it is awesome!


My favorite is Carlos Whittaker – he goes by Loswhit.  He is a worship leader at Buckhead Church in Atlanta.  He has some really cool stuff to say and he has quite a blogosphere following.  Check out his blog Ragmuffinsoul


One of my other favorites is Aaron Ivey’s blog.  He is a musician with a huge heart to help others.  He and his wife have adopted a crisis health ceneter in Hati and have been posting blogs to raise money to help keep it open.  His blog isn’t always about rasing money and awareness, usually it is about life, so check it out here…  Aaron Ivey’s Paper Mirror


Our friends that moved to Thailand from Colorado Springs have had an interesting time learning new culture, new food selections, new wild life, and a new language.  It is cool to see how the internet keeps us all connected.  You can follow their life in a foreign land at Transplantingme


I just found a cool blog from Pete at Cross Point Church in Nashville TN.  He seems to be a really cool guy that has a great sense of humor (check out his “why we had kids” posts) visit his blog “without wax” here.


There are several others I read, but these are my favorites – I will read them first and leave the others to wait when time is limited…


Okay, so I have rambled and raved, now I want to hear from you… what blogsyou’re your FAVORITES?  Not just what you read, but the ones you do not miss; I would love to read a few more… you can even plug your own if you would like to!

  1. los says:

    Hey man. Thanks for the love. I really appreciate you taking the time to read and join the community. Seriously.

  2. Graham says:

    Tons of love your way Los… you are awesome!

  3. Pete Wilson says:

    Thanks Graham. Love what you have going on here. Keep up the great work!

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