Scoreboard, Goals, and Finding a Donor…

Posted: June 11, 2008 in Daily Blog
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We pause this post for a special public announcement;

The next guest blogger post will be up Friday!  

Be sure to tune back in then!

Now back to our regularly scheduled blogcast…


For those of you that don’t know, the church I am a pastor at is building a new building.  It is a cool project that partners three different organizations together; our church, a public high school (charter), and an after-school childcare provider.  The benefits of joining with these entities are many so it has been an exciting venture that has taken way too long because of City approvals…  But we are on a roll!


Yesterday I met with the General Contractor for the project on the site.  They are backfilling the foundation and putting the water and sewer pipes in.  There are huge graders and machines doing the work so it is really fun to watch.  The building will have a multi purpose room in it, a gym during the week, and an auditorium on the weekend.  We will be able to open the gym to basketball clubs and or recreation nights to the community, a really cool way to touch people’s lives around us.  BUT, (there is always a but) to do that we need a scoreboard and some basketball goals; these items are not included in the building budget, so my job over the next few weeks is to seek a donor for those things.  Sometimes big companies like Coke or Pepsi will donate a scoreboard when their logo is on it, commercial I know – but do-able.  I was thinking about approaching some of the businesses around the church to see if they might donate something if their name could be on it… there is a movie theater which might work, Target, Lowes, Chipotle, and then there is the Liquor Depot!  I thought that might be funny in a church… a scoreboard advertising Mojito’s or something…  then I remembered that a bunch of high school kids would be using this during the week… probably not a great idea. 


I am looking for tips and connections now.  If you have ever tried to get a scoreboard, or any large donation, and have some experience I would love to hear your advice on it.  If you know anyone at a larger organization that would like to help us out, PLEASE connect me to them!  I am excited about partnering with yet another organization on the scoreboard and/or basketball goals, I cant wait to see how this works out!



  1. Ralph Allen says:

    I have a scoreboard for sale, very much like the one you have pictured above. Maybe a local business could fund this with their ad on it. If interested, email back.
    R Allen

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