Connecting Through Technology

Posted: June 12, 2008 in Daily Blog
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I love technology, and I think I have mentioned that here before.  I am watching all the newest press on the iphone 3G.  I want one.  I am also trying my hand at Twitter.  A social networking tool that keeps people connected throughout the day.  You have like 150 characters you can type in at a time, and you basically answer the question, “what are you doing.” 


A while ago I saw a study on people connecting that basically had a table in two different locations that would light up when the person on the other end of the phone was doing something.  If they lifted their coffee to take a sip, the other person would know because the table would indicate the coffee cup had been moved.  The feelings associated with knowing what exactly the other person was doing were very satisfying and settling.  Especially if there was a great distance between the two people. 


Our closest friends came and visited us in Texas when we lived there.  It was very settling for the woman that is friends with Trish because then she would know where Trish was in the house, the space, the environment around her, as they talked on the phone.  She had been where we were and that seemed helpful.


Here is the point.  Knowing what each other are doing throughout the day is settling.  It is helpful for us to be connected not just emotionally but knowing physically where someone is as well.  Knowing what they are doing, what they are thinking periodically throughout the day is helpful to us.  It is no wonder that Facebook has 70 million users in a month; Myspace is in the 110 million users category.  We long to be connected.  Technology helps.  We can upload photos so you can see what we are doing, video so you can watch, and text so you can read about it.


I love technology!  It is keeping the entire world connected!  I wonder what will be next?  While we wait, check out Twitter here.  It is a fun way to keep connected!


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