Steel Is Going Up!

Posted: June 25, 2008 in Daily Blog

Finally, there is nothing like things starting to take shape.  We have been watching the dirt for a long long time… Everything that has been involved in the building project up until yesterday morning has been in the ground.  The grading, the big hole they had to dig, the foundation walls that go underground, it has all been in the dirt.  Now, finally, we have stuff going into the air.  It is becoming a building instead of a big hole in the ground filled with concrete.  I cannot tell you how good that feels. 


On the other hand, my iphoto has been acting strangely ever since Taylor got her new camera.  It shuts down every time I import photos.  It is really frustrating because I think I just lost a bunch of pictures I don’t have backups for.  That makes me angry… I usually do a good job backing up stuff, but I think I lost some important photos.  Somehow when she makes movies on her camera it messes with the iphoto and I wind up with a ton of backup folders.  Hers is the only camera we have, and let me tell you how funny I feel at a construction site taking pictures with my daughter’s pink camera!  Yes pink. 


Enjoy these pictures… see ya on twitter!  (I saw some of you signed up to follow, now for the rest of you!!!)

  1. it looks like tinker toys for big boys.

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