Dream – A Puppy, A Panda, A Monkey, A Red Wagon, And A Full House!

Posted: July 8, 2008 in Daily Blog

Last week my wife was pestering me about puppies.  She likes those really small dogs, and the Shih Tzu we bought over a year ago in Texas is like all things Texas – big.  She was hoping for a small dog that fawned over her, (I believe she has a secret Elle Woods wanna be desire with a small dog in a purse kind of thing – bend and snap all you dog toting women) our dogs are both big for their breeds, so no bag toting around here.  (I think even writing this is leaching testosterone out of my body) but she had been talking about wanting a teacup sized something… I of course said, “we have plenty of dogs we don’t need another!” very firmly.  Then something strange happened…


I wend to be that night and dreamt that there was a young homeless women living out of her car in our neighborhood.  She had a very cute puppy and was trying to sell it to buy food for herself.  Trish and one of the twins were gushing over the puppy and at my arrival to the scene I clearly put down the boundary and declared, “NO! We don’t need any more pets.”  As I was making my case, my younger daughter approached from the sidewalk behind me pulling a large red wagon, and in the wagon was a real life Panda.  It was her pet and as I was protesting the puppy I realized that I was losing this battle, even in my dream.  Then something incredibly shocking happened, as I was saying, “ you got a Panda?” a monkey jumped up on the panda from the other side of the wagon and began picking stuff out of the panda’s hair.  It was obvious that both the panda and the monkey were familiar with each other, so there was no other explanation than these two were already part of the family.  At this point I think I lost it in my dream, and as the next scene unfolded the homeless girl, her puppy, our two dogs, our turtle, our four kids and Trish and I all lived under the same roof – very 7th Heaven like.  Just call us the Camdons.


What was the weirdest dream you have had recently?

  1. you’re gonna post a pic of trish and her purse puppy as soon as she gets it, right??

    can’t wait to see it.

  2. trish says:

    Don’t I wish but, we won’t be getting any new dogs until one of ours passes on. two is my limit! but I have always wanted a little one. Maybe one day!

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