It Is Hard To Believe

Posted: July 15, 2008 in Daily Blog

I was standing in the middle of the building yesterday having a hard time believing how big it was and that this is actually happening!  With the interior walls going up you can begin to see the rooms take shape and the internal outline of all of the space.  It is really cool to see it come together.  The portable buildings are being delivered for the school to begin meeting in as they go back to classes in about a month, and things are coming together.  There is still way too much dirt on the property, so we still need to figure out how to get rid of it, but that will happen eventually.


One of my friends is on his way to Thailand today.  We both have heavy hearts about his trip.  It was supposed to be an exciting time with him going to a training camp for Mixed Martial Arts, but he found out his girlfriend there has been really sick and they don’t expect her to live long.  That was quite a blow, he is in his twenties, and you never expect this kind of thing when you are young.  Now his plans have changed to try to spend as much time with her and help her with her sickness.  But she doesn’t want to see him now.  She wants him to get on with his life and not see her like she is now – suffering and in pain.  It is really hard as he was going to propose to her on this trip, now all that has changed.  Imagine getting on an international flight to travel half way around the world having no idea how you are going to help or say goodbye to someone you love and thought you would have the rest of your life with!  It is hard to believe…


What do you think about when you find yourself in situations, good and bad, that don’t make sense or seem hard to believe?


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