When A Homeless Person Says, “Have A Good Night”

Posted: July 17, 2008 in Daily Blog

Last night a few of us went to the Colorado Springs Rescue Mission.  A place that has 30 spots in it for people wanting to overcome addictions, anger issues, and put their lives back together.  And a place that opens up its doors to feed as many homeless as will come, dedicated to saving lives and healing lives.  It was a great experience.  I got the chance to talk at length with three people, one was a counselor, and two were participants in “The Program.”  The two men in the program had stories of lives that hit the absolute bottom, and they were working hard to claw their way back.  Everything they do now is monitored.  They have to check in at dinner, check in at breakfast, go to meetings, clean up after dinner, help serve the dinner, volunteer on Saturday service projects, attend the church of their choice Sunday mornings, and they were happy to do it all.  These men had a hope of a better future, and it was coming one day at a time.  There was pride in the work they were doing, the good kind that says from a place deep inside, “I am a worthwhile part of society and I matter.  I will not continue to throw this life away.”


There was a family there, two little girls and their parents.  There were many women, some elderly people, some veterans, and a couple younger people.  Homelessness effects all ages, races and genders…  The meal was good, and was served quickly and with respect.  There were several their that felt entitled I am sure, there were several there that were probably high or drunk, but there were many more that were grateful for the meal and the people coming along side of them, even if only for an hour, and treading them with dignity and respect.  They were smiling, talking, and enjoying the time, then they left.


After dinner the guys in the program go to a house they live in.  The rest, sixty or so, had no place to go.  It had started to rain as the time was finishing up, and these men and women, loaded with backpacks carrying all they could fit in them left.  In the rain, walking to where-ever they could find a place.  On the way out, Trish and I were standing by the door, and one man looked over with a big smile and said, “Have a great night.”  With a grateful heart and joy filled spirit this man was going out to find a bridge to sleep under, and he is telling Trish and I – who would get in our car and drive to our nice house miles away with air conditioning, heating, TV, electricity, and hot water on demand – to have a good night…  It kinda puts things in perspective when I wish I had a bigger TV, a bigger bed, a newer car, a nicer house in a better neighborhood.  I should be as joy filled and grateful as this man was facing another night outside sleeping on concrete hoping that he makes it another day…

  1. Sinatra says:

    Thanks for the beautiful posting!
    I Look Forward To Your Returning to your Blog and learning more from you!

  2. Carrie says:

    WOW. I just returned from La. with 70 teens helping repair and paint homes for people who have little or nothing. the kids were amazed that they had holes in their floors and walls but they were so greatful for a clean coat of paint to make their home look a little nicer. It is sad that we dont seem to value and appreciate the nice things we have when so many others are doing without the basic needs in life! Thanks for the post, well done.

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