Pushing Through; Keep Moving Forward…

Posted: August 4, 2008 in Daily Blog

We had a great vacation! We were up in the mountains of Colorado camping in a beautiful place that was all you expect from a High Country Colorado experience. We took several day trips and did a variety of activities from hiking to a beautiful waterfall, floating down a big river in inner-tubes, basic exploring, and accidental four wheel driving!

In one of the towns we went to there was a road that would take you by all the old mines in Creed Colorado. It sounded fun, so we set off. It started out flat and simple enough, and at one point when a truck was coming the other direction there was plenty of room to allow both vehicles to pass one another on the dirt road.

That all changed very quickly into the trip. You cannot tell how steep the road is from this picture, but as one driver at the campground later told me, “We were going the other direction, and I slid all the way down that mountain. I kept pumping the brakes, but it didn’t help we just kept sliding and sliding!” I had put the truck we were in into 4 wheel drive by this point, and my biggest concern was that there would be oncoming traffic, there was absolutely no way and no where two cars could pass on this road! The road was entirely loose rock and gravel, and on one side was a 75-90 foot chasm with a small stream running through it, the other side was the nearly straight up side of the mountain where all the cast off rocks from the mining operations looked like they could come loose and tumble down at any moment. I kept wondering, “How do I get myself into these things?”

It was one of the coolest and most beautiful things I had seen, and yet it was one of the most anxiety ridden experiences of my life. (The truck we were in was not ours… my father-in-law loaned it to us for this trip to pull our trailer, because our other tow vehicle is very old and unreliable! I could hear the call to him now, “Uh, George, uh, your truck is stuck in a 90 foot gully and they cannot get it out, see there is no room for a tow truck to get up to it, and we are going to have to leave it there… by the way can you send someone to get us?”) I kept worrying that at any point, beyond any turn there we would come bumper to bumper with a vehicle going the wrong way. Earlier we had passed one doing just that, and at a couple points along the way we had even discussed turning around ourselves, but there wasn’t even enough room for that!

Eventually we reached the summit of the experience and the road. It leveled out and gave way to spectacular views and vistas overlooking some of the most majestic snow covered peaks in Colorado. My heart rate returned to normal, and we found ourselves in an aspen laden journey taking us around the other side of the mountain and back into town. It was incredible.

Many times my life is exactly like this. The path gets steep and narrow, I am afraid of what is possibly coming at me. I fear falling off the side all together! It can be really lonely and at any time along the way I could turn around and just go back. But the problem of not pushing forward, even in the face of obstacles and difficulties and even fear, is you never reach the summit. You miss out on everything that is at the top if you never get there. Some of our pathways are filled with disappointment, discouragement and even pain, and it takes some of us a lot longer to reach our summits… I wish I knew why some people have more difficult paths than others, but I know no matter what you encounter the views at the top, the feelings of accomplishment and the ability to look back at all you overcame to get there will be worth all the effort and time it took. DON’T GIVE UP! Don’t turn around… keep pressing forward.

And remember, you cannot stay at the summit, there is always another journey ahead!

  1. MELISSA says:

    its melissa.(missy)
    let me just say i so needed that little blog. I fear falling off the side all together! It can be really lonely and at any time along the way I could turn around and just go back.

    I am absolutly terrified to go to school, and fear of failing. But i know i have to do it no matter what.

  2. Graham says:

    Everyone gets nervous before they head off to school… you are going to do great, I know it. Surround yourself with good friends that will help you keep on the road, watch out for those that are coming down it at you, and it will work out in ways you never expected, and more than you ever imagined!

    I forgot to mention that I took these pictures! I am no photographer, but you should have seen me with my hand out the window clicking away!

  3. nick says:

    I’ve heard it said that the great thing about dallas is that when you leaving, everywhere you go is amazingly beautiful

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