Public Service Announcement; Call Me

Posted: August 6, 2008 in Daily Blog

Around my house technology is something we are all getting into. We text quite a bit between each other and our friends, I use Twitter, which hasn’t caught on tremendously in Colorado, but eventually will, and communicating with our church members and staff members will be heightened through that kind of technology. We use email, blogs and all that, although I believe that email will become the UPS of the electronic world (when you have to send something bigger that a text or twitter). All this stuff keeps us connected; BUT… All these things are not a substitute to face to face or voice communication.

Yesterday I got a frustrating email, and wound up sharing some of my personal concern about fear and faith on my blog and through a couple twitter posts. One of my friends in Texas picked up on my frustration over the twitter feed and picked up his phone and called me! It was great, he was reassuring and encouraging. That kind of interaction makes a big difference! There is no substitute for face to face, or voice to voice communication… as convenient and easy as it is to email, text, twitter, or whatever is next, talking is the best! Don’t let technology become a substitute for getting in front of someone!


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