Leadership Philosophy; Internalized Values

Posted: August 7, 2008 in Daily Blog

I love learning, so I subscribe to a lot of leadership blogs and podcasts. A week or so ago, one that I was listening to or reading, I forget which one, suggested that you write down the things that form your personal leadership philosophy. The things that guide your decisions, form your values, make you think about why you do what you do. They suggested listing 10 things, (when I started my list I couldn’t stop…) then examine how you are living in light of the 10 things. If you are deviating from your values you will not be happy, you will feel badly about yourself, and you may be considered hypocritical by those around you if they know your list. Following your internal values may be difficult depending on your situation and friends, but sticking to them will make you a stronger person and bring you self-confidence in the long run. I will share my list to get you thinking:

• People are important and matter to God
• People want to help but need an invitation to do so
• Personal integrity matters
• Put Christ first in your life
• Take risks, make mistakes and learn from them
• Leaders are lifelong learners
• Your are in charge of your development; spiritually, emotionally, physically
• Partnerships are better than independence although may be harder to negotiate
• Do what is best for the people around you before you do what is easiest for you
• Surround yourself with people smarter than you are
• Have the courage to make difficult decisions even if they are unpopular
• Listen well to others (see #1)
• Delegate well – it frees you up and develops others
• Hire (choose) the right people to be on your team
• Put people in the right place on the team
• Take care of the leaders – and yourself (its okay to say no – don’t take on too much)
• Develop those around you
• Do what you can to show Jesus to others in practical ways
• Don’t just talk it, live it
• Love others

So there you have it. My list, yours will most likely be different. I would love to see yours, so if you can share some of your values with us that would be great! If nothing else I hope this gets you thinking like it did for me!


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