The China Olympics: Great Competitors and Great Stories

Posted: August 12, 2008 in Daily Blog

The Olympic games not only bring the best athletes out, but also bring the best stories out. Watching some of the competitions I have heard the commentators talk about the athletes in ways that make them human. Sometimes I look at them as superhuman because of all their talent, but they are just like you and me, only maybe a bit more focused – okay, and talented…

I heard Michael Phelps took an article that contained his critics words, highlighted the persons derogatory statements, and taped it to the back of his locker so he would see it everyday. And everyday he set out to prove that critic wrong by working harder and more intensely towards his goals. The more criticism he gets the harder he works! And it is working for him! Great story…

Then in a surprise upset the Men’s Beach Volleyball team went down to the team from Latvia. Who ever heard of Latvia’s Men’s Beach Volleyball? I can’t even find Latvia on a map, let alone their beaches! So they put it on and beat our guys pretty badly. Come to find out the way the Latvian’s trained was a pretty simple strategy: Put six guys on one side of the net and have them play the two on the other side. Six on two… well it worked. Great story. I haven’t heard how they did in the rest of the tournament, but it was cool to watch these two guys that were ranked last in the event beat the number two seed.

Then you have the Men’s Gymnastics, where they had one of their best, most experienced gymnasts drop out at the last minute and they had to call up one of the alternates. They were rocking last night before I had to turn off the TV because I was so tired. Their enthusiasm and excitement was overwhelming. It was really cool to see each and every one of them encouraging the other Americans on and pushing each other to perfection. They were really good! Great story…

The Olympics are inspirational on so many levels… get hooked on something and listen closely to the stories!


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