Painting With A Great Group Of People

Posted: August 14, 2008 in Daily Blog

You know you are surrounded by a great group of people when they drop what they are doing to come out and help. And this week that has happened twice!

As the church I serve is in the midst of a building project, one of the complexities of the project is that we are leasing the upstairs floor to a public charter high school. The building was supposed to be done in July, but because of delays it is not done yet. The school needs a place to start, so we are preparing modular portable buildings on the property to meet their needs until the building is done and they can move in. Well, school starts Monday, and the portables aren’t ready yet either!

In order to make as much progress as possible I called some of our church members, sent out emails, and asked for help – and they showed up! Monday night and last night we had several families come out to haul construction trash out, pull up carpet, prime, paint, tape, and all this in the waning hours of daylight! (there is no power in the buildings yet – the city has to drop off our power box.) It was a lot of work, but it was also a lot of fun to work next to each other and share the burden…

Surround yourself with great people, pray that great people want to surround you, and when you find yourself in the midst of them, be grateful! And I am…


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