Posted: August 19, 2008 in Daily Blog

I am an emotional guy. Not that I cry at all the sappy movies, although I have at some, but that there are times when my frustrations build up and spill over. Sometimes it is at the kids, sometimes the wife, usually I hear Trish say something like, “do you hear yourself?” and I try to bring my decibel level down a few notches. Yesterday it was about the church and the building. We are working really hard to bring people along, and to bring people to church, and when you do that there are times you feel overwhelmed because not enough is getting done fast enough. I am feeling a great deal of pressure because we don’t have some necessary systems in place. I feel the pressure because others are under pressure.

Yesterday morning the phone rang, and a conversation began with a good friend of mine. Luckily he is a solid guy that has good reasoning skills and management skills. He thinks more practically than I do (I think in big pictures) and he helped a lot. I vented. I complained. I shared concerns. I worried. I regretted. He listened. I am thankful for him. Now, I am not saying that everything is fixed, but I was able to voice those inner feelings, emotions and thoughts with someone that I know wont collapse under the pressure. We all need someone like that. Once I was told that venting is not good, but I completely disagree – venting to the wrong people can destroy you and them… so be wise in who you talk to, but talk. Everyone needs to.

The best part of the conversation came when he made me realize that all my frustrations, concerns and complaining were due to the fact we had doubled in size. Our church is a plant, a restart, a small group of people hoping that God will show up and we will grow. We averaged 34 people per weekend in July, and the last two weeks we have had sixty! This puts a lot of pressure on our systems and people running our programs – pressure I feel magnified, but it is good that we are growing… I am sure this will not be the last of our growing pains, so it is time to get used to it!

Who do you vent to and why do you vent? What causes you to vent?

  1. i was just thinking about your situation. the big move into the shiny new building and how exciting that is – in my head i see it all done and full and just, well, wow! but how overwhelming it could be, too. especially when you are a big picture kind of person – that “wow” might not be happening fast enough. but from what i can tell things are happening. progress is being made – it’s gonna be great!!

    when i vent it’s usually because of “the straw that broke the camel’s back” i tend to hold things in – i know, very unhealthy – but i have one friend who i feel safe venting to. i know that she won’t just listen but she will hear and not be one of those who jumps on the bandwagon of oh, you’re so right, things are so bad. but will instead encourage.

  2. Graham says:

    Exciting and overwhelming – you are exactly right.

    Keep talking to that friend… sounds like a good one, and it will keep your mental health up too!

    thanks for the comment Monica!

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