Directions | “Mission Drift”

Posted: August 22, 2008 in Daily Blog
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This week started with a lot of frustration on my part. If you remember I wrote about a friend reminding me that a lot of the problems we were facing were good problems. The person that I was most frustrated with was me. I have learned this lesson again and again. I seem to constantly forget, and when I am reminded of it I feel stupid. Here it is: Clairify, clarify, clarify. As a leader it is easy to keep your eyes focused on where you are going. I can see it and so I assume others can too. But that is quite the opposite of what really happens. People forget, or they don’t quite get it, sometimes the experts call it “mission drift,” when you get off track from the goals and direction of the group.

I had to provide a lot of direction this week. I did a lot of reminding people around me who we are, where the goal is, and how we were going to get there. You can never do it enough, and assuming that others are picking up on it just because you refer to it in a sermon or an email doesn’t mean they are getting it. I have to remind myself that in all the conversations I have with people I need to purposefully point back to the direction we are going. But we are on track, this week anyway, I am sure we will do this again soon!

What mistakes do you find yourself making again and again? How do you feel when you are reminded? How do you fix the problem?


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